LegoProxy - A Roblox API and Webhook Proxy for Roblox HTTPService

Do you know what could make it do that?

You could be passing the incorrect subdomain when trying to make the request, can you show me the URL your sending to the proxy?

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Im passing it like this https://site/catalog aka subdomain and later my path but i cant remember it rn im from phone

Heres the website even like this it says that subdomain doesnt exist

It may be an issue from Deta or the LegoProxy code uploaded to deta. Can you try re-pushing the code again?

I’ve found out it whenever I add proxies to my host it breaks what could be the reason?

Found out problem was script using cli changed it to requests

Just use a VPN, those aren’t banned there

You don’t have to reply to an old post to use a bad solution because oftentimes I found VPNs paid, and free ones are actually viruses

I use a free vpn all the time, I see no issue

Route Migration Announcement

This migration announcement is for a Breaking Change for my LegoProxy Server, and for the v2.1 update of LegoProxy.

I have changed the routes for Proxying Roblox API Requests, instead of the usual /<subdomain>/<endpoint> route to my LegoProxy Server, it will now be /<subdomain><endpoint> to make copy-pasting requests much more easier. (Instead of removing everytime.).

So please migrate immediately! the old /<subdomain>/<endpoint> route will be removed from my LegoProxy Server in September 20 around 6:00 PM (GMT+9). Not migrating to the new route would cause your Application or Roblox Game to get 404 Not Found responses from my LegoProxy Server.

If you want to be updated on what’s gonna happen to some of my projects, feel free to join my Discord Server (can be found below this post here)

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I had some issues with my pc yesterday, although it’s fixed now.
The old route /<subdomain>/<endpoint> has been removed from my LegoProxy Server, any requests using the old route will lead to a 404 response:

{"success":false, "message":"Route Not Found"}

when will you release v2 though?

The release of v2.1 is near, i just need to do more stuff before i upload it to Github.

is it possible to use this proxy for a webhook?

Yep, you can use it to send webhook requests to anything*

Which can be found here:

Follow-up Announcement (Route Migration)

The Route Change has been reverted and I have added another alias for requesting to the Roblox API.

All Routes

ROUTE 1: /<api>/<endpoint>
ROUTE 2: http(s)://<api><endpoint>
ROUTE 3: <api><endpoint>

By the way, i also started to update the Github Repository for anyone who wants to try out v2.1! Do note that its not finished yet and still needs some things before I make it final.