Let developers set SocialService Game Invite message


This post is from July. Recently @be_nj asked for a feature request about this, so here it is.

I decided to make this feature request as I could find none that already accomplished this.

The summary

Right now sending a SocialService Game Invite sends a pretty simple message:

Come join me in ${game.name}

Nice, simple right? Well, what if you could like change it to better suit your game :thinking:

The motivation

Some games, simply put, could sell their game better- thereby boosting engagement and usage of these invites.

Example API usage

Client Yields void SocialService:SetInviteMessage(Optional:String message)

Ok, why does your idea yield?

  • To stop abuse, the message would need to be screened by a filtering system (e.g. preventing stuff like Robux, and other scammy messages)
  • It could also potentially error if it encounters an error (e.g. rejected by filter)
  • If the filter does disagrees with the message, it can either be put to #s or rejected. In my personal opinion, it should do the later

Why is message optional?
Setting it to nothing will just resort to the default message set by the engine


It’s gonna happen. People will try to take advantage of a functionality like this, so I thought of some potential anti-abuse measures

  • As said, strict filtering
  • Showing the user the message when sending the invite, so they’re aware of what their friends are being sent
    • This way somebody can’t set the message to I think you're a poopyhead! Play this game with me anyway

My ideas of this are relatively limited, but I’m certain it can help others come up with potential ideas of how to squash out potential abuse.

thanks for reading <3

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