Let roles have a property that makes them not have to ReCaptcha for group wall!

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to have social groups because of the recaptcha on the group wall. It is so painful to try to communicate with others and have to do a verification for every single post. I know roblox needs to make sure stuff is not spammed, but I have a way we could sort of fix this.

If roblox adds a feature to make roles of the group not need recaptchas, this will make it a lot easier. This way, the group owners and admins can take the verification process into their own hands and verify people in different ways, like in-game, manually, and more. So, normal members could be verified this way.
The other thing is that roles such as admin or owner won’t have to be needlessly recaptchad. They are not vulnerable to botting as they are manually picked by the owner and other admins and higher-ups. This means that those people who are already known as verified don’t need to be recaptchad.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I could make my groups better and more social without having millions of verifications, and instead implement my own where needed.

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Isn’t there already a feature request for this? You should go bump that one instead. If essentially contains the same concepts.

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This one is much more different

I support this. I have noticed not many people have been posting on my group wall because they are tired of having to do a Recaptcha everytime.

I support this, however, what will happen with stolen accounts? The person that gained access to the account of this person could spam messages all over the time.

Roblox should just cleverly decide when to show captcha or not depending on a risk assessment of the user’s account. It shouldn’t be something users should have to toggle. This should automatically work properly.

My feature request linked above was phrased that way because group owners are very low risk.