Let Us Filter *Out* UGC Items in the Catalog Other Than "View All Items"

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to look for items in the catalog published by Roblox without seeing UGC items in subcategories except “View All Items.”

Roblox recently added a filter dedicated to UGC, which is cool and all, but can the filter that only shows items Roblox be available to more categories?

Now the UGC program is great. However, I cannot search for items made by Roblox outside of View All Items, whether it be because I’m searching up a specific item that I know was made by Roblox, or because I just don’t want to see UGC items.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I would finally be able to find items on the catalog made by Roblox without seeing UGC mixed in, outside of View All Items.

Roblox, I know you want UGC, and UGC creators, I know you want more exposure. But please, at least give us an option to filter it out in more categories,.

EDIT: It’s viewable in the “View All Items” subcategory, but not in any other category. This means you can’t filter out just hair, just gear, etc. using this subcategory.


This is incredibly useful. Too bad you can’t use it outside of one category.

One example is in the “Accessories” subcategory. Want to look for hair? No way to filter out UGC. This is the same with neck accessories, shoulder accessories, etc.

Why restrict this filter to only one category?

Thank you.


This is important for when I’m creating characters for my game because I want to ensure I’m not accidentally using someone else’s work without their permission. Right now I need to scroll through hundreds of assets which I don’t have the rights to, before I find any items I want.

In my situation, due to how few hair Roblox produced it required me to go many pages in before I found an item by Roblox because there were so many UGC items with the same descriptors, fortunate that the item I was looking for was just one page before the catalog search stopped returning results.


I think we’re trying to solve the problem before understanding fully what it is.

You’ve mentioned the real issue is that we can’t use all the assets in the Toolbox or Catalog because we may not have the rights or license to use them in our works. I think what would be most beneficial here is introducing a licensing metadata tag to assets that allows us to mark which assets are safe to use in our work.

This sort of metadata is used on all other game development resource sites and it’s actually risky to continue to use the Toolbox or Catalog to find assets for your game without it.


With the emergence of UGC in the catalog, we really need a feature like this! Right now it looks like a legal mess waiting to unfold.

At least let users on the DevForum have this filter. It doesn’t really serve a purpose for the majority of users on the platform but it would really help out developers that are looking for character items that can be easily integrated into their games.


Currently trying to make a game that utilizes hats, and I don’t want to deal with UGC Hat creators licensing. Please look into adding a way to filter Roblox only hats.


Another point to add which is relevant to this:
Recently many Roblox-made hats have mysteriously vanished from the catalog search regardless of which settings are used. A couple examples: Extinct Egg of Dino on Ice, Knight of the Blood Moon. In fact, many of the eggs from Roblox’s history can no longer be found via the catalog search. It’s understandable to shadow-ban certain older items to curate new user experience, but for devs there should be a way to more thoroughly search for Roblox-made hats.


Bumping this because I’m in a similar position. While the UGC creations are great, and most UGC creators I’ve reached out to have allowed me to use their work in my games, it is a tedious process to contact each and every one for permission.

For NPCs, I’m fine with using the accessories created by Roblox. But even that becomes tedious because there is no way to filter out licensed UGC.


This feature request seems rather unlikely to be fulfilled, considering the end goal of Roblox is that creators publish all the content, rather than Roblox itself. The usefulness of this feature will decrease every year as the number of UGC catalog items increases and the relative count/quality of old Roblox items decreases. Not sure if this is worth implementing at all. I’d rather have something related to licensing and filtering based on the license, as some people hinted before.


You should see creator filters in all the categories besides Recommended now - let us know if there are any issues!


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