Let us synchronize external source files (like photoshop files) with the cloud

As a developer, I pften times we have other source files that are “source” to our game, like blender files, photoshop files, or other “source” files.

It currently is impossible as a Roblox developer to synchronize these files with the rest of the source of my game when uploading to Roblox. This means that another developer has to get access to these files to edit my game.

I would like some way to couple these files with the source. See also:


EDIT: I am talking about something slightly different, but decided to include it as a reply here because it’s mainly the same concept; just a slight variation.

This would be a drastic improvement for the better in Roblox development. It would completely change Roblox development as we know it.

Our current view of Roblox development is the instance explorer; I genuinely hope to see Roblox development become file system based; imagine, all your creative assets, images, models, etc. combined with a level file (rbxlx because xml ftw) that would contain the actual instances.

Please Roblox, please.