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Dear Developer Community,

We just released an exciting refresh of the Roblox Developer Wiki, which not only sports a new coat of paint, but some new content as well. One page you may have noticed is a page entitled, “Why Roblox?

We created this page to showcase our platform using examples from our developer community to highlight the innovation that is possible on our platform. However, with the millions and millions of games on our platform, we could use the community’s help in finding the absolute best games and developers to showcase. Here is how you can help:

If you can think of a game, even your own, that stands alone in its design, its beauty, or its innovation, share it with us below. Be sure to include the following:

  • A sentence or two describing what about the game you think is innovative, and why it stands out.
  • A compelling screenshot of the game that exemplifies why you are suggesting it.

We are especially looking for examples from the community that highlight games that work well across all platforms with beautiful 3D worlds built by the community, or with amazing lighting and visual effects.

Help us celebrate the best our community has to offer by sharing your ideas in the comments below.

Byrne Reese
a.k.a. "MisterNeutron"
Head of Information Experience



Excited as always!


Can’t wait!


The game that I’m currently developing alongside @Spooks_HD, TERIO, stands alone in its design for many reasons. One reason is that its a very unique game idea to Roblox, taking the feature of home design and stretching it out as a core gameplay mechanic to get players to enjoy the wonders of designing homes among friends and other players.


Hey man I know there’s more flattering pics than that - your game looks amazing


Rollernauts by Numoji is incredibly impressive. In my opinion there’s no game on roblox that comes close to its level of polish as far a visuals and user experience is concerned. It’s so unique and beautiful, truly shows the upper bound of what’s possible on roblox in those regards. Like it’s mind boggling to me what these guys were able to create here.


thanks dude i appreciate it


‘Flight!’, an upcoming game developed by myself, @The_Frame, @FearMeIAmLag and @Aotrou, which is nearing completion.

The concept revolves around flying a paper plane around a number of different maps, with multiple game modes, plane customisation, and more. The game features a beautiful lobby to walk around and explore in, if you choose not to play a round.

A couple of maps:


@Ashtheking300’s game not mine!!


Phantom Forces;


This game presents stunning effects both visually and audibly. The great customisation tools presented to the user create a unique experience that can offer different styles of gameplay.


i dont know where or how u got those screenshots but thanks



when you get kicked from a game you can freecam around so ya


A game I am currently working on with Quantumdepression, Patar1996, and RyferionPrime. We are bringing a new style of racing to roblox that has not been done before.



ooooooo makes sense


Hey, I see my game! The page looks great ^.^

One game I would suggesting adding is Fantastic Frontier.

It’s a solid and well polished RPG as well as being a good example of a common visual style on Roblox.


I call this first one the Imperial Resort, meant to look like the courts of medieval emperors. It features historical elements, that really gives it beauty, and the design with the neutral colors is just right to match other palaces and castles, like the Imperial Court of the Holy Roman Empire.

This second image is something I call The Howitzer Continental Oil Pipeline, a large facility meant to resemble an oil refinery. Just the amount of realism is innovating on its own. Paired with just the right lighting and shading, it really blends in, but stands out.


That bottom image would be perfect if it was anti-aliased. :stuck_out_tongue: Looks really cool though! The lighting is awesome.


The link: https://www.roblox.com/games/736272058/AVATAR-EDITOR-The-Fall-of-Ontaria#!/game-instances

The community I have grown on ROBLOX, which is now well over 11,000 people, has inspired and influenced me into becoming a builder and much more. This here is the first time I messed around with smooth terrain and created my own Sci-Fi world based around the endless lore I have put up for my group and as a result, I have created over hundreds of lore pieces and established my own genre and universe entirely, all written up by yours truly :smiley:.

This may not be the best but it was my first time and I was quite proud of how it turned out! Hope you all enjoy! My personal favorite is the second screenshot.


Ultimate Driving takes full advantage of the versatility of the Roblox platform to provide its players with a uniquely realistic and expansive driving environment. Months of effort is poured into each map in order to create a massive, detailed, realistic highway system for the games players to explore, socialize, roleplay, and race on.