Letting a roblox client join a game via website

Alright, i’ve been working on something like fabrick, but this will just show you the live statistics, i’ve searched throug a plugin called ROBLOX+ by @WebGL3D he uses a method to let a person join a roblox game with the plugin,

my goal is to get something like Javascript or jquary to launch the roblox cleint to join the showen game.

i’ve tried searching throug the whole plugin but nothing defines Roblox Aswell i have been searching on the wiki and i found this:

could this maybe something to do with joining a roblox game?

my website: DutchDeveloper.
its far from done but this was only a test site to check if the analytics were working,


just found this in the roblox website source code.
i have no clue how i can use this url to fire the client.

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Roblox’s supported behavior is to link directly to the game.
unsupported guest mode (roblox-player://1+launchmode:play+gameinfo:0+placelauncherurl:https://assetgame.roblox.com/game/PlaceLauncher.ashx?request=RequestGame&placeId=1818)


how could i use this for a website?

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  1. Go to the game’s page you wish to link
  2. Copy the address that is on the top of your browser
  3. Paste it between the quotes (")
<a href="">My Link</a>
  1. Embed it on your website

You can also share your game by clicking on the social buttons, available under the dislike button.

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so this while link or? could you write it out for me?

I tried to put that in the url bar with a roblox game but it only shows the starting roblox screen and doesn’t join the game.

Roblox deeplink allows you to do this Developer Deeplinking [Beta]