Level Up Spotlight: MiniToon Inc

as much as i wanted to like this… roblox has once again shown how out of touch they are; minitoon is already popular and doesnt need a special “spotlight”, this spot would have been so much better for smaller developers (which i funnily enough don’t know because roblox actively works against them)

Well, built his game on an already exisiting idea, so how are we going to get game design from someone who never actually took time to think about the game in its infancy and added to something that is present? Even though it sounds like I’m against him, I do appreciate MiniToon for his kind personality, and his basic design, although not as impressive as it’s cut out to be, is still what Roblox looks for on their platform. Also, you mention all of us starting from the bottom, but there’s many developers who don’t want to create a game, and would rather do many jobs throughout the different communities of Roblox games. These people deserve the spotlight as well. Don’t forget that there’s many terrible games on the front page that are still popular anyways. Sounds biased, but you can’t tell me that a game is good, when it consists of a population of 9-12 year olds doing Tik Tok Cough “Dances”


Very disappointing that envy heavily plagues many developers here, to the point where the game itself/game’s perceived audience is being attacked. As a developer, the shared information is extremely valuable, we should be thankful that these developers even bother to take time out of their day for this, presumably without any kind of remuneration. I believe that top developers have lots to share about their experiences that will be useful to developers of all skill levels, and are absolutely qualified to be featured on the series, regardless of how their game started and whatnot.



Hi everyone! We appreciate all of the feedback! :grin:

I wanted to take a minute to clarify the intent of Level Up. The goal of our work is to share tips, tricks, and game design best practices with the community in an educational and entertaining manner. As a part of that effort, our developer roundtables are an opportunity for us to sit down with members of the community who have found success and discuss game design topics. Our hope is that they may share their experiences in what has helped them find success and shed light on ideas and techniques that the audience may not have previously considered. We are planning to cover a wide range of design topics with many different developers and hope you’ll find value in these discussions. And, of course, we will be constantly looking for ways to improve and make the discussions more useful for you so once again we appreciate your feedback! Thank you :slight_smile:


Doesn’t matter that it was built on a pre existing thing. There truly is no such thing as an original idea. Everything is a combination of pre existing ideas. True innovation is to take a pre existing idea and to adapt it to a new level depending on the community. Jailbreak was a rip off of prison life, and adopt me is a rip off of the adopt and raise games, yet they are extremely popular and well received since they changed and added their own taste.


It might help to focus the posts more around the insights rather than the developers. I know the content is included in the video, but the post currently makes it come across as “let’s highlight these developers” because of the wording of “spotlight” and more than half the post is just an excerpt of who the developers are. This might explain some of the saltier responses earlier in the thread.

Adding some summary of the insights to the posts might help lure more people into actually watching the content as well. For example I really don’t have the time to watch a 1.5 hour video myself if I don’t know whether it will absolutely be worth my time, even at 2x speed, and a summary of what to expect might help with this.

I’m also scrubbing through the video and it’s hard for me to tell where topics start/end. It’s not easy to find the pieces I’d be interested in.

Just my 2c on how this format could be improved.


+1. I want to see small creators.

We are the little guys here. The fact that people can’t see past large games makes it hard for us to grow, and personally, these spotlights should showcase content from all spectrums.


They already have been recognized. It isn’t envy we know they exist. How Is it wrong to ask for something new? Is it wrong to ask for someone else to be in the spotlight for once? He gets millions of players, got a bloxy, and youtubers play his game. He has been awarded for his hard work already. We aren’t envious we would just like to see someone else up on the podium for once. I am not against minitoon or anything infact I voted for his game to win in the bloxy and I myself play piggy sometimes. I just don’t think it’s fair to other developers who work hard only for the same person to get all the recognition.

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I think you should read the reply above yours, it’s not necessarily about the developer themselves but rather their insights. A more successful developer obviously has lots to say about their journey as they have more experience. Devrel has also read the feedback here so for the next level up episode you can expect improvements.


I agree. I think some sort of “underrated game dev” series would be cool. No point in showcasing something I’m sure everyone knows about. :confused:


This isn’t a showcase of the developers themselves but the insights of their success. It’s for them to share how and why they succeeded so you may follow their footsteps and be one of the ones on spotlight. None of you are reading any of the posts staff are making saying this. A unsuccessful developer can’t explain how to succeed if they’ve never succeeded before.


Game design? MiniToon just copied the “granny” concept though… there’s not really anything original other than the peppa pig plagiate
And no, this has nothing to do with “envy” or “youre just jealous”;
Roblox is showing potential new developers that just copying an already popular thing is the way to go, instead of discouraging it

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Maybe at the surface level it looks that way, but there may be more to it. All ideas are in one way or another forked from other ideas (simply because 100% originality is impossible), so I’m not sure how that’s a bad thing.


To sum up this thread:

It’s great roblox is promoting developpers but

It’s developpers we already know who are the biggest on the platform. No hate to them but roblox should give the spotlight to those who actually need it.

So let me guess, it’s just gonna be developpers we already know?

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They said it will be for successful developers, so you’re bound to know some of them. I really want to see a post about NewFissy, considering their background on creating Adopt Me.

This is not a direct promotion of developers. As others have said, It is for insight into their success and for general design tips.


From the amount of misunderstanding that this is a showcase instead of a show for insight into game design, I propose that you change the name from spotlight to something more neutral. I understand the point of these posts but obviously many developers only read the title instead of the entire post and make an uneducated reply that you are only spotlighting well known developers.


Indeed. The whole purpose of the Level Up series is for successful developers to give out game design tips.

If you complained because you were confused to misunderstood the concept, that’s okay. But knowing the concept of Level Up but complaining about Roblox not shining the light onto smaller devs in this sort of series is basically complaining that people are only interviewing the main cast of a movie instead of the hundreds of extras in it as well.

If this amount of people here got confused or misunderstood, all hell is going to break loose like another “Is Roblox Exploiting Kids?” video again. And I know this will happen again at this rate.

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That’s technically true I guess, so the originality of something/an idea has to be determined by how much that person has changed that idea or how much of that idea they came up with.

By this criteria the originality of piggy is very very low.

I get where he’s coming from tbh, apart from the story there isn’t any original in the slightest about piggy, not putting hate towards Minitoon inc whatsoever, but I just feel they are the wrong people for this series.

I hope they interview more people like Dreamcraft, Badimo, Coeptus etc…

I’d honestly rather see creators who have successfully managed to make multiple games/keep a continuous community over years. For example, FarmerJaller has managed to make successful games and keep a large community for ten years, and I think that’s more of an impressive accomplishment than most frontpage games - which just hopped on some trend.