Level Up Spotlight: MiniToon Inc

Hey developers,

We’re happy to announce our next entry in the Level Up series which features MiniToon Inc. - the creators of Piggy!


Watch the Roundtable with MiniToon

and meet the team below!

About MiniToon Inc.

Piggy was first created in early 2020 in order to test NPC path-finding, but it quickly evolved into something much greater. After the games massive success, what started as a solo experiment has grown and expanded to become MiniToon Inc.—a studio that focuses on telling strong narratives with important lessons.

Game Design Philosophy

Game creation can often be a hard job to tackle. There are lots of factors that play into it, and certainly a lot to keep in mind throughout the process.

MiniToon Inc. focuses a great deal of its’ energy on ensuring everyone has experiences to share and discuss with others about. Above all else, the team aims to make you smile, no matter what! Having an accessible game that is playable by anyone for everyone is their top priority.

Meet the Team!


MiniToon - Founder of MiniToon Inc.

Ahoy! I’m MiniToon, a Canadian with a strong passion for stories and games! I’ve worked on many games over the years, but the most notable one is ‘Piggy’. I’ve enjoyed making games ever since I was a kid. I loved designing board games out of pizza boxes and playing them with family. I am so thankful to have Roblox in my life, because with it I have been able to express my creativity and ideas on a much larger scale. The people I have met are among the most considerate there, and the moments I’ve shared on the platform are some of the most memorable in my life. Before I end this little bio, I just have one final thing to say; you look fantastic today! Take care, you magnificent person.


Optikk - Assistant Programmer for Piggy

Hello! My name’s Optikk. I’m passionate about video game development and art, and I love the color blue!


IK3As - Developer for Piggy

Hi, I’m the lion, the witch and the wardrobe, IK3As. I build things that will give you an existential feeling of hope.


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Really like how @Roblox is now showcasing developers. What other games will you guys showcase? Do they have to be over 100 Million visits to qualify?


Couldn’t find anyone other than MiniToon?

I think there are other developers who deserve to be in that place.


Since this is a series, it’s not just this one episode and that’s it. MiniToon probably just happened to be the chosen one for this episode, other developers will be able to be featured throughout the series too. :slight_smile:


“And todays winner of the best development team is ADOPT ME! Now, you might now know.”
Of course we know about this, this is useless.
Like everyone knows who minitoons is because without knowing it all popular developers block smaller ones from being famous.
Thanks alot, for promoting the more popular devs but not the smaller ones who actually need it.
No use informing people grass exists :roll_eyes:


I don’t think very positive about MiniToon. Of course, other developers will be involved, but I don’t think MiniToon should come before the others. Thanks for the answer though!


although im not a piggy player, i still love the effort put into the game. it is awesome that the game and the creator is being showcases to the community! great job guys :clap:


I remember playing an old game MiniToon made when I was younger called 5 nights at chuck e cheeses

its cool to see how far a part of my childhood came


Piggy was built off an uncopylocked granny game.
Great effort, I know.


Are you guys will be accepting applications for developers to apply to be able to showcase themselves? I would love to see so many developers be able to apply to have equal chances of being showcase in the series.

Other than that, I highly respect MiniToon and their team with how much they’ve improved and be able to build up a game in such efforts.


Lots of negative spotlight for a resource that we are getting for completely free. This is after all a series on how to LEVEL UP your game design and overall game infrastructure to the tier of a front page game. Who else is more qualified than front page popular developers? Everyone is mentioning opportunities for smaller creators need to be added, and while it does sound nice, remember that all of us including minitoon started from the bottom and are constantly working to the top. He and his team earned this spot.


Personally, I never liked Piggy or what it was based on, Granny. Does that mean I’m going to bash the creators with toxicity? No. There is truly no need to attack them. I found what I read interesting and slightly insightful. I do dislike the focus only on Minitoon though considering the other developers only have two sentences each.


That shouldn’t invalidate the effort they put into a project of such magnitude. It’s amazing what the team has done, and just because it was built off of an uncopylocked game shouldn’t nullify their achievement. It’s obviously not the most revolutionary game, but it doesn’t have to be. They’ve put months into Piggy, giving monthly content updates, which is quite a bit more than most games do. Saying they don’t put effort into it is just plain wrong.


Imagine supporting small developers.

Hahaha Roblox’s biggest joke, but seriously, we couldn’t have simply chosen a developer in which actually needs support? It’s almost like their tag line should be “Powering the same old stuff” not “Powering imagination”

Now I’m not saying that MiniToon is a bad developer or anything, I simply think that Roblox should be focusing on bringing newer, better games to the table. There are some developers who put so much effort into their game then they are heartbroken cause they didn’t have the support they needed to make their game succeed.

C’mon guys we can do better than this.


Wow, a developer of one of the most popular Roblox games. He deserves it but this was eh as he already has LOTS of recognition. I agree with the others that less known developers should have a better reason to be in the spotlight. Minitoon already won the bloxies this past year and is already where he’s at. Nearly 10B game visits, we all know who he is lol. Before a individual replies with “Ok so? He also put in work”, correct but someone else with LESS recognition would’ve made more sense.


Is there an event that you can participate in, or is it just a video?
Whenever I click on the Bevy Chapter link on the “Lets Level up your game design” announcement, it says that the page isn’t found.

as much as i wanted to like this… roblox has once again shown how out of touch they are; minitoon is already popular and doesnt need a special “spotlight”, this spot would have been so much better for smaller developers (which i funnily enough don’t know because roblox actively works against them)

Well, built his game on an already exisiting idea, so how are we going to get game design from someone who never actually took time to think about the game in its infancy and added to something that is present? Even though it sounds like I’m against him, I do appreciate MiniToon for his kind personality, and his basic design, although not as impressive as it’s cut out to be, is still what Roblox looks for on their platform. Also, you mention all of us starting from the bottom, but there’s many developers who don’t want to create a game, and would rather do many jobs throughout the different communities of Roblox games. These people deserve the spotlight as well. Don’t forget that there’s many terrible games on the front page that are still popular anyways. Sounds biased, but you can’t tell me that a game is good, when it consists of a population of 9-12 year olds doing Tik Tok Cough “Dances”


Very disappointing that envy heavily plagues many developers here, to the point where the game itself/game’s perceived audience is being attacked. As a developer, the shared information is extremely valuable, we should be thankful that these developers even bother to take time out of their day for this, presumably without any kind of remuneration. I believe that top developers have lots to share about their experiences that will be useful to developers of all skill levels, and are absolutely qualified to be featured on the series, regardless of how their game started and whatnot.