Level Up Workshop: Content Cadence

Hi developers,

We’re back with another Level Up workshop! This time around, we’re diving into Content Cadence, the regular release of content in a live game. If you’ve ever wondered how often you should release new content, drawn a blank when brainstorming ideas, or struggled to keep ahead of your players’ content consumption, this workshop is for you!

Join me as I walk through the content cadence design and production process, revealing tips and techniques to make your regular content releases more efficient and effective. I’ve included some downloadable documentation templates for you, as well — check those out below.

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Watch the Content Cadence Workshop

Download the presentation:

Level Up: Content Cadence Presentation (5.9 MB)

Download the templates:

Asset Request Template.pdf (51.4 KB)

String Templates.pdf (80.3 KB)


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It’s really has a huge fan base on youtube. :loudspeaker:

Thanks again for arranging these and supporting us, and respect to all the staff. :innocent:

Also, thanks for providing the information. :slight_smile:


This can really assist people in correctly learning how to manipulate the way they update their game to gain more players.

It’s good having resources like this, and ROBLOX should continue to do this on a regular basis. Even though it may seem redundant, you can learn very good things from this.

I think I’m going to be able to better plan updates so I can keep my community engaged.

I highly recommend giving this a watch in your free time.


Instead of the “Spotlight famous developers” series, this should be more prioritized. I’m quite seasoned at this and even I learn a lot through this. I encourage anyone new or experienced to watch this series. It helps dilute the learning curve and teaches real world skills that can translate anywhere.


They put in alot of work. Instead of being upset your not a “spotlighted famous dev” actually support them.



were once small devs too! They worked up to the point where they are and put effort into everything they did to get where they are today. Instead of being upset about ROBLOX endorsing them, which was not even the point of level up spotlight, we should congratulate and be happy for them.


Yeah, I get it… LOL, thank you.

Instead of being hostile, try to reason with it.
Being hostile is providing no information and instead just being unpositive.
You refuse to look from a different angle.
Small developers need the spotlight aswell.

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Of course they do, but bigger devs worked up to the point they are today. So we shouldn’t really be upset, also the point of level up spotlight was for them to give insight on how they got where they are.

Everyone started as a small dev lol