Let's Level Up Your Game Design!

Hey there, developers!

We’re excited to announce a new content series called Level Up!

This program is an extension of our Roblox Developers Conference (RDC) and will provide additional game design education events throughout the year. In the Level Up series, you will learn game design best practices from some of the most successful developers on Roblox and members of Roblox’s own Game Insights team!

Each quarter, the Game Insights Team will host roundtable discussions, have hands-on workshops, share data & presentations, and hold Q&A sessions to help level up your game design skills :nerd_face:

How to Participate

We’ve put together a page on Bevy where you can sign up to receive updates for all things Level Up. (btw, while you’re over there, be sure to check out some of our community events!)

Follow the Bevy chapter here!

Our First Level Up Event

The first Level Up is about Game Expansions and features the RedManta team!

We’ll be chatting about:

  • Expansions and their benefits
  • Managing expansion production
  • Balancing expansions
  • And supporting expansion features

Participation in the live event is extremely limited and invite-only right now, but we will be sharing recordings of all discussions, presentations, and even workshop materials!

Stay tuned for another update with info on how to watch the event near the end of March. We will share info here and via the Bevy chapter page.

Meet Our Game Insights Team!

:mage: Dspav

Hey, developers! It’s Dan, or @Dspav on Roblox. I have been working in games for 10 years and specialize in systems and economy design. Over the past couple of years I’ve given design consultations for Roblox developers on experiences like Adopt Me!, Work at a Pizza Place, World: Zero, Bad Business and Dragon Adventures.

In my down time, I enjoy cooking and playing MtG.

Looking forward to working with you when I host our first Level Up event on game expansions!

:lollipop: BreakfastCandy

Hi, my name is Erin, but you may know me better as @BreakfastCandy! I’ve been in the industry for about 10 years working on mostly free-to-play games at studios like Warner Bros., Zynga, and now Roblox. My main focus is on content design, UI/UX, and first-time user experience. So far, I’ve had a chance to work with the teams for Build a Boat for Treasure and Super Striker League and I’m excited to help even more studios improve their experiences!

When I’m not working, I like to play games, write, draw, and even sculpt. I also have an adorable Shih Tzu named Ginger :dog:

I really hope you join us for all of our Level Up events this year!

:books: dyno_smore

Hey, I’m Kael, also known as @dyno_smore on Roblox. Before joining the Game Insights team at Roblox, I worked at game studios in the US, Canada, and even Norway! I have about 9 years of experience and have contributed to games for Activision, Sony, and Animal Planet, to name a few.

I primarily focus on developing game systems, meta-game, and feature design. I just recently worked with Badimo on Jailbreak and I’m excited to meet even more developers at RDC and our Level Up events!

If I have time after work and after I hang out with my kids, I usually play video games or just relax and read old books.

Tune In Next Month

Let us know if you have any questions! If not, we’ll see you again in a few weeks!


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Finally, something for game design! I think game design is the most important part of a game, and it’s good to get some tips on improving it. Anyone can make a game, but it takes thinking and good game design to make a good game.


This seems really cool! I might participate, props to whoever came up with this.

Is the message button on the Follow the Bevy chapter page supposed to do anything (the one under the “RDC Level Up” title)? As of right now, there’s a click detector, but when you click it…nothing happens.


Looks like a cool event, I look forward to watching. Game design has always been something I have struggled with so I think this will be good for me.


This is super cool for developers trying to improve there work by working with developers who are already experienced with that skill. It’s seems super cool and hopefully it can help others! :+1:


Hi! The join us button is to find out updates on RDC Level Up. This page will be updated with more content. I hope this helps to explain



Is there any way to change your profile picture?

Screen Shot 2021-02-17 at 2.59.32 PM


Do you have an idea what the age requirements are for this?


This seems to be a cool feature, but I got some questions about the privacy for this site. Should I be worried about anything for this site privacy-wise?

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Participants will have to be 13+.



Going to tune into this 100% Game design is the most important thing to have in consideration when developing!


I probably sound really silly but when I first read this title on the Developer Forum index page, I thought this was referring to the beta release for the new materials…


Got the pleasure of meeting the staff running this. Bunch of amazing people! Can’t wait to check this out.


Hi! Sorry for replying to your post. However I would like to ask a little question:

When I pressed the “join us” button I got something that looks like an oauth flow /screen. :eyes: Is this something that’s open for developers to apply for to get an API key? Would be very useful to provide a safe way of for example:

  • verifying a user’s identity on an external service like https://bloxtech.tech
  • if possible finally providing a way to safely execute actions on behalf of someone instead of cookies being given to platforms so they can have a bot in your group. These oauth flows would prevent account access being misused, for example only allowing ranking in group via an oauth flow.

Screenshot will be attached. Thanks in advance for your reply.




No need to apologies for replying, we are here to answer questions. In order to click the button you must have a Bevy account using your Roblox username. I highly recommend joining Bevy as there are incredible events led by developers as well as this new content series.



is there any rules for this event?

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good to see a new section for game design on RDC!
One question i have is will there be more to level up (like the Build it event)?

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How hold do you have to be to participate?

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This is such a great update this looks really cool and I hope i can participate in this cool event. Oh and @madmurder37 a staff answered that question you need to be 13+ to participate

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