Liberty Hotel: Changelog



This is the development progress and changelog for Liberty Hotels V4, Liberty Hotel's Updating Center, and other games By Liberty Hotels that were released after V3.

There is another changelog that is for V3.

Right now, you can access the past update logs for V4.

Version Number Meaning: releases . major . minor _ patches

4.3.0 UPDATE

  • The game has reopened. We are going to still focus development on Version 4, stay tuned for any additional updates.


  • The Finale Update. We appreciate your support and feedback over the last 2 years, we would like you to continue supporting us with Version 5 (Liberty World). The Game will be open until October 3rd. The Liberty Family will live on.
  • Added Banana Locator to locate the Banana Man!

  • Added extra fountain drinks

  • Added Employee Leveling

  • Refreshed User Interfaces

  • Expanded the Map both in the ocean and land

  • Added Carl the Snowman

  • Expanded the Pool area

  • Renovated every room

  • Added Beach Boardwalk

  • Major Enviormental Improvements

  • Major Performance Improvements

  • Minor Admin Improvements

  • Added a revamped avatar editor, full of customization options.

  • Added the ability to create and join families. Families will be similar to roommates, and will be booked automatically into any room the owner is booked into.

  • Minor Command Improvements

  • Released Version 5, Check out the Version 5 changelog below

  • Thanks for an amazing journey! We hope to bring more content to Version 4 and Version 5. We will continue to work on both versions.

See Version 5’s Changelog Liberty World Log: - Bulletin Board - DevForum | Roblox

  • Happy 3 Year Anniversary!

  • Readded Spa and Sauna

  • Added New Overhead! Seperated Tags

  • Added Activity Points! We’ll update these in the future

  • Added Expanded Server Controls Gamepass You can only adjust Game Events.

  • Added Ability to change In-Game Events Requires the Gamepass

  • Added Realistic Lighting and Clouds Graphics Level 7+

  • Added Cloudy and Overcast Weather

  • Bug Fixes

  • Added Ability to Donate (via the “!support {amount}” command)

  • Added Butter Pecan Milkshake

  • Altered Lightning Frequency.

  • :christmas_tree: Christmas is Here, Liberty is once again covered in snow.

  • Added Christmas Themed Decorations.

  • Added Advent Calendar (Visit Everyday starting from December 1st to December 25th to claim a prize, this will work a little like daily rewards, so you have to be there before the end of the next day)

  • Added Christmas Quest!

  • Added new Thumbnails!

  • Added low amounts of Command Translation.

  • Minor Campsite Improvements

  • :jack_o_lantern:Halloween is here!:jack_o_lantern:

  • Added Pumpkin Milkshake and Halloween Decorations.

  • Readded the Self-Check in

  • Added Hot Tub Structure

  • Fixed Halloween Soundtrack

  • Bug Fixes

  • Respectful Mourning for United Kingdom for 14 Days
  • Added 300 and 400 rooms

  • Max Server Count is now 45

  • Added new elevator and booking UI

  • Fixed Structure Objects

  • Added Beach Access Doorway

  • Added 1 Year of Oasis Banner

  • Added Executive Birthday Icon.

  • Fixed Chocolate Shell Dressing

4.1.7_0p: Hotel
  • Reopened the Hotel to the Public!
  • Added new hotel rooms.
  • Added ability to roommate people.
  • Added Chocolate Shell Dressing for Milkshakes
  • Added Executives & Events List.
  • Minor Command Changes
  • Minor Bug Fixes
4.1.6_0p: Hotel
  • Rebuild Phase 5 is here!
  • Reopened the pool
  • Added new Televisions in our rooms.
4.1.5_0p: Hotel
  • Added Chocolate and Oat Milk!
  • Added new Pool Structure (no water yet)
  • Added a new Milkshake Bar!
  • Added the back wall (it was missing from the back, making the build look less supported)
  • Bug Fixes
4.1.4_0p: Hotel
  • Added New Entrance Frame!
  • Added New NPC Chat Messages!
  • Added Memorial Soundtrack, Tribute and Remembrance. ( * Active until June 7th * )
  • Removed Building by the Tunnel!
  • Bug Fixes
4.1.3_0p: Hotel
  • Added Welcome Badge!
  • Added Construction Decoration
  • Removed Operation Takeover items!
4.1.2_0p: Hotel
  • Operation Takeover is here!
  • Added Clouds Laser & Heavy Clouds
  • Added Strobe Lights
  • Added Fire
  • Added Dwayne “The Rock” at The Spa.
  • Added Walrus Statues.
4.1.1_0p: Hotel
  • Added new Floor 1 Labels
  • Added Points Leaderboard (who’s the most hardworking)
  • Added Activity Monitoring
  • Removed old Guiding Labels (the ones on the pillars, only ones which rooms don’t have revamped Labels, will remain)
  • Minor Bug Fixes
4.1.0_0p: Hotel (Made Mandatory by Roblox)
  • Added Refilling Stations and Trash cans!
  • Added the ability to change seasons in VIP Servers.
  • Minor Audio Improvements (Made Mandatory)
  • Minor Main Music improvements
  • Minor Bug Fixes.
4.0.9_4p: Hotel
  • Spring is back! The return of rain.
  • Added Campfire, and new music.
  • Removed Winter decorations and New Years Banner.
  • Minor Fountain Drink Improvements
4.0.9_0p: Hotel
  • Removed Christmas Items
  • Minor Banana Man Improvements
  • Minor Milkshake Improvements
  • Minor Bug Patches
4.0.8_0p: Hotel
  • :christmas_tree: Christmas is here! :christmas_tree: Added Christmas decorations and music! (HAVE A HOLLY JOLLY CHRIMAS, it the best time of the year :smiley: )
  • Winter is here! Liberty Oasis is now covered with snow, and snow weather.
  • Added Hotel Room Windows!
  • Added Gym! No Pain, No Gain!
  • Added Fountain Drinks!
  • Added Low Amounts of translation Work!
  • Major Interior Changes
  • Minor Exterior Changes
  • Minor Command Changes
  • Minor Ceiling Light Changes
  • Bug Fixes
4.0.7_0p: Hotel
  • Added Thunderstorms and lightning!
  • Added Server Controls for VIP server owners.
  • Added Better Rain Particles
  • Removal Of Clouds
  • Overall UI Improvements
  • Minor Data Improvements
  • Minor Backend Changes (also the banana man is back)
  • Significant Administration Changes
  • Significant Bug Fixes
4.0.6_0p: Hotel
  • The Map expansion is here!
  • Added new Milkshake Progression Interface
  • Added 5 New Milkshake Flavorings
  • Added New Darkness Lair
  • Added Beach, smooth mountains and more.
  • Added Hot-Tub Seats.
  • Minor command & text changes
  • Bug Fixes
4.0.5_0p: Hotel
  • Added NPC character Overlay (4.0.5_1p)
  • Halloween Is Here! :jack_o_lantern:
  • Added Avatar Scaling (you can morph into Toddler, Child, Teen, and Adult)
  • Added Limited Edition Decorations.
  • Added Ghosts (oOOooOOoooh)
  • Halloween Music
  • Rank 9 + now get admin commands (that weren’t available at first)
4.0.4_0p: Hotel
  • Revamped The Ice Cream
  • Minor Bug Fixes
4.0.3_0p: Hotel
  • Added Caramel Flavoring
  • Added Ability to serve plain, almond, and coconut milk.
  • Fixed flavoring from being added when straw is added to milk
4.0.2_0p: Hotel
4.0.1_0p: Hotel
  • Added Dynamic Weather
  • Fixed Weather from raining indoors.
  • Fixed Service Calls duplication
  • Fixed Mobile Players access from being limited
  • Removed Grand Opening Banner
4.0.0_2p: Hotel
  • Patch 2: Fixed Mobile Players Crashing
  • Hotel released!
  • V3 Closes after 7 months
  • Added “everything”!