Light Influence doesn't work on Beams in future

haha this is exactly why i want this bug fixed!


please fix this :sob::sob::sob::pray::pray::pray:

This reply now contains more than thirtee (cant say thirtYYY) characters.

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Any updates on this yet? I am still limited to when it comes to utilising beams with future lighting

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bumping this, really need this to be fixed.
created some simple script to achieve this effect with custom/adjustable settings.

unfortunately this was using shadow map, future lighting would have a much more surreal effect if it were to work as seen in the picture below from RocketShotgun’s video.)


I will also bump this thread. An enormous amount of developer wants that bug to be fixed to have these stunning light effects. We are still waiting for it

Bumping the thread, the bug is holding us back from making really good-looking scenes in games, just having the celestial bodies make this effect isn’t enough


Exactly! This bug is keeping everyone from making awesome realistic stuff! They should really fix it!

I recreated the effect with trails but they seem to be working not only worse, but they probably share the same light influence code as beams so light sources besides celestial bodies don’t affect them. Particles didn’t seem to work at all
the only interesting feature I found with particle emitters is that you can use them for volumetric fog, which is what VOLUMIKA already does

bump, i’m also trying to get the effect vvv331 mentioned

BUMP!!! please fix, i know a Roblox Staff said they’ll follow up when it gets fixed, but i think they forgot about this issue

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Any updates on the progress of fixing this? surely by now after a year there would be SOME progress…

this is quite interesting! You’re the first person I saw trying to do that using trail! I didn’t know that there was a light influence properties on them.


Bumping the thread, we need this fixed not just for volumetric lighting, but also other environmental effects as well. LightInfluence is already an option so why make it so that it’ll always NOT be affected by light?

Please get this fixed when possible.


I think you are right about everything in here! It’s non sense not to have it for beam but for everything else!

I hope this will be fixed one day, this would be so useful :pray:

Bump… We desperately need this for VFX and rendering capabilities

Also bumping this engine bug. Would be nice to have this fixed, in the meantime my game will be set up as if it works correctly.

buuuump really hoping to see this fixed one day soon