Lighter chat scrollbar (instead of black so it's visible)

Please make it lighter <: (Look on bottom right if you can’t see it)

It wouldn’t match up with the rest of the ROBLOX UI then. Preferably it’d be the same color as the chatbox’s background with a dark outline in case your camera was over a brick similar in color to the scrollbar.

Thanks echo, updated post title


It’d be cool if it didn’t flicker all the time at random.

It’d also be cool if you didn’t have to open up chat, accidentally close chat, open it back up, move mouse over it the tiny bar, scroll up, then manually scroll back down

That whole process sucks and kinda makes the scrollbar not a worthy feature.

I didn’t even know that was there

The flicker’s fixed but oh my blob the scrollbar is still nearly invisible >:

Increasing the thickness would also help in conjunction with this