LightHouse Showcase

Hello fellow developers! I have recently finished my very first showcase! The showcase is a lighthouse and I am looking form some feedback. The light house is no particular one thats based off a real lighthouse.


Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 10.19.54 PM

Feel free if you have any suggestions and check out my showcase! I would like your honest opinions.

Thank you, DuncanRusso


I don’t see anything i’d possibly change, i really love it! good job :slight_smile:


Thank you for your honest opinion!

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You should really take into account, as you’re building more natural patterns like trees or other things, to randomize the rotation so that it doesn’t look copy/pasted. The brick built stuff looks great for a first showcase, though I’d reconsider terrain because of the water. That and the water are the immersion breakers. I’d encourage you to keep building, though. We always learn from experiences.


The lighthouse looks overall good what you did here is pretty nice! Since this was build from your own imagination like the use of parts to create that stone wall material design very well made.

Lighthouses usually have a boat or other objects surrounded the build. In my opinion, the build you’ve made looks decent if this was called a showcase you should include more useful details to intense the design a bit more add detail there’s many things you could add to make the build stand out. If your wanting to improve the quality of the build more further add some small proper window like the ones that are in the front of the building, maybe add some color to the dome such as a red.

Otherwise it’s a good build but the area could feature different objects and less repetition around the map.


Thank you for your feedback! I usually always rotate my trees but I never noticed that the trunk of the trees stay in the same place. The terrain and water could need for tweaking or maybe a different design. How do you suppose I improve the terrain?

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Thank you for your feedback Jordonh23! I definitely agree the showcase could include a lot more structures and details. In my next project, I will definitely add those key features for a lighthouse. Later on down the road, I just might come back to this project and add more details.


This is super cool! Maybe make some rocks and sand.

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Thank you for your feedback XxMr_AltxX!