Lighting affects other objects weirdly

Hey! I’m new to building and having slight issues with the lighting.

How do I improve lighting, so it doesn’t mix up and create this effect while lighting up the whole room?

For small can lights, I suggest u should use spot lights. If you want to place one big light in the room, place one big neon block in the middle. Then use spot light in small parts across the room. Just dont forget to make the parts transparency to 1.

Another method is by increasing the range of the light but not the brightness. Although I have never tried this but I still think that this would work.

I already am using spotlights, and surface lights for specific parts.

I just don’t quite understand why the player is being affected so much by the light, why does it glow so much?

Everything looks fine here

Try decreasing the brightness or add effects to the lightening.

The issue with this is there isnt much light itself

I love lighting and making really cool looking scenes, I use it a lot.

The lighting instance has many properties that affect the way your game looks in real time. I think you’re looking for exposure compensation. It controls how much spreads.

Another thing you could do if you don’t want that is make the neon slightly transparent. This will dim it.