Lighting Presets: Save and swap your lighting presets easily!

There isn’t exactly a lot to say so ill try to keep it short.
This plugin lets you easily save, load and switch around your own (or other people’s) lighting presets without much headache within studio. Each lighting preset can be saved within a “lighting pack” witch is basically a folder containing multiple lighting preset’s for organization purposes.

Each lighting preset and pack can be accessed directly from Lighting.LightingPresets.

Everything about the plugin can be managed from either the plugin’s GUI or directly from Lighting itself. Everything should update between both Lighting and the plugin’s GUI. (This includes moving around presets to different packs, renaming packs and/or presets, etc…). You can also add in new lighting packs and presets by simply pasting them into the Lighting.LightingPresets Folder.

Here are two general use case clips i have gathered:

Switching between different Lighting Presets.

Creating a new Lighting Preset and pasting in a new one.

You can also use the lighting preset’s in your games with this simple module:
LightingHandler.rbxm (1.7 KB)
This module should allow you to switch between different lighting presets within your game. (Like for example, when traveling to different areas within the game that have their own themes.)
You can use this module by simply just requiring it and calling ApplyFromFolder(Folder), The folder required by the function must be a lighting preset folder.

Link to the plugin:

Still, this plugin is 100 Robux. Any purchases are very much appreciated :+1:

If there’s anything wrong with it, or if anyone has any sort of suggestion to give them please, let me know!


The plugin is excellent
Saving, loading presets, and the level of customization it provides is very amazing


The concept is quite interesting though. Perhaps I’ll test this when I decide to purchase some Robux. Keep up the good work!


Movie Lighting is a free alternative.
Also, OP, paid products are not allowed in #resources:community-resources

My plugin has shown it’s age, however it allows you to save your lighting presets.


The competition is real, tho at least mines is pretty universally usable!

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Thank you for the recommendation.

And paid products are allowed under #resources:community-resources , by the way.


There’s no competition. I just killed off my plugin. However I’m not very happy that you’re advertising your paid plugin on a free resource page.

Your plugin is a modern take at Movie Lighting’s save lighting function.


Man i did not even know your plugin existed at all, i’m sorry if you thought i stole from it or tried to copy it but thats far from my intentions.

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There’s no problem here. The plugin has been dead for almost 2 years now. Plugins that save and unload lighting are not new ideas. I didn’t invent it, and you did not steal from me.


Hello, I bought the plugin, but I can’t find how to save the fog properties, how do I do that?

I would recommend using this instead:

Free and much better

Oversight from my part, update it and it should be able to save fog

Due to the recent new usd pricing update, ive decided to just make it free.

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