Movie Lighting Plugin - Professional pre-made lighting!

:star: What is Movie Lighting?

Movie Lighting is a FREE plugin that allows you to insert pre-made lighting packages into your experience at the click of a button!

Movie Lighting also has a special feature that allows you to convert your lighting into a ModuleScript :scroll:

Movie Lighting is created by @ItsPlasmaRBLX, and @ItsLightRBLX :star:

:movie_camera: | Screenshots // Videos



:blue_heart: How can I install this plugin?

If you’re looking for the main version of the plugin, you can install it below, however if you’re looking to test updates, and unlock new sets early, you can use the 2nd plugin link!

(Please note that the testing version is updated more, and that you might get updates that have issues. I wouldn’t use this plugin in a main place)

(The main version is always tested before updates are published.)

:package: Plugin Links:

Main Version (Safe)

Testing Version (Unsafe for non-testing experiences)

:ant: I found a bug, what can I do?

Bugs will happen with almost any plugin, you can report these using the plugin’s comments or the thread’s replies!

When reporting a bug, please keep it short and simple. Please include debug stats in your post, it would help me a lot and pin-point the error! To find “debug” stats, simply look in your settings, click the Debug button and copy and paste the message listed in the output, be sure to select everything.

:fork_and_knife: Forks, and Resources used!

@Fm_Trick - AutoCanvasSize


I do believe it is needed, it’s the version I personally use for pumping out fast updates with little to no testing, that is why it’s called the testing version! :blue_heart:

I’m not trying to act like this is some giant plugin that too me 20 million hours and an entire team to create, the honest and raw truth is that I needed this to test stuff.


1, I don’t even think you should care this much about a plugin version.

2, why should you even tell me what to do, you didn’t create it?!

3, I already mentioned that I use this to test UN-TESTED versions of the plugin, thus protecting main plugin users from issues, and keeping the plugin version count low in-case I need to reset a change.

4, stop being a troll, and just move on with your day insetad of having a comment war with me, it’s just a petty thing that you don’t understand/like. :nerd_face:


im not going to lie, but this is kinda not nice, he can build a separate model if he wants, what is needed to you is different to him, I can find reasons why it’s needed.


Don’t listen to that guy, look at his other posts he’s always like that. He only wants attention.


Yeah I see that now, I had a feeling from the start that they were one of people who sit in their chair all day looking for new Community Resource projects to bash and ruin the developer’s day. I don’t understand what has this person so heated over a simple alt version of a plugin, but maybe that’s just me :.)


As a lighting specialist, I find that lighting is commonly overlooked when making a game, this plugin helps with that. Many developers create lighting that doesn’t suit their game, and this plugin has a plethora of lighting, which fits most lighting situations, I am glad that this plugin exists, as it will help non lighting specialists. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I swear, I’ve seen this dude who says stupidand mean things about topics

After I undid changes with this plugin, it left the game and terrain with a white color, any way to fix this?

Wow! Nice plugin! I am definitely gonna install it. :smiley:

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I’m confused, may you please provide the plugin version used, the lighting package/(s)?

Just added 2 extra Lighting Packages to the testing version of the plugin!

Please note that these might not work on all games, the lighting is VERY dark.

  • Dark Sewer

  • Dark City
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Great plugin! As @gamezcool989 said, lighting is typically overlooked. I’m really bad with lighting, so this plugin is amazing for me and others who want to provide better quality to their games, but don’t have the means to do it.

I hope this evolves into a plethora of high quality lighting presets. And when that time comes, you should sell the plugin. It’s almost robbery not paying anything for something like this. Maybe have a free demo version and a full fledged version for paying users?


Aww! Thank you for the kind words! :blue_heart:

Sadly I’m unable to sell this plugin, and I’m sure not many people would buy it. I’ve been trying to create more plugins to help users with their experiences, and so-far this has been my best one!

I do have plans IF Roblox allows me to sell it, however it would take hours and I would need to completely revamp the plugin, the free version would still have loads of packages however it would be missing some content like uploading custom lighting packages or something.

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This plugin is so good! I am using this pretty often now, really helpful!

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Sorry for the wait on these lighting packages!

They have just been added to the main version of the plugin!
Just in time for users to work on their spooky experiences for other’s to enjoy! ^-^

If I have extra time this week I will add some more spooka lighting packages to both Testing and Main versions! :ghost: :jack_o_lantern:

So far for “Spooky” settings, we have:


If anyone is using one of these lighting packages featured in this post, reply to me! I would love to see how it turned out in your experience! :bat:

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You should try realistic lighting

That’s a great idea, I will work on that soon!


Added a new experimental option to the Testing Version of the plugin that allows you to log debug stats. More debugging stats will be added very soon, for now this is just an experiment!

  • Some future stats may include:
    Current Lighting Settings & Session Packages applied
    Plugin Run Time

idk why but for dark city im getting silent hill vibes

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