Lighting - Realistic Fog Visibility

As of right now, the Fog properties within Lighting does not affect player visibility range. Even if the FogStart and FogEnd properties are set to 0, you can still see objects that are hundreds of studs away. Right now, Lighting fog does not affect visibility whatsoever - instead, it simply changes the colors of objects.

Being able to implement visibility properties to fog within Roblox would make fog seem more realistic.

This is what fog SHOULD look like:

This is what Roblox fog looks like:

In the example above, you can see objects hundreds of studs away clearly ^ in 100% fog


As a possible solution, fog should also affect the skybox, as the skybox is completely independent of Lighting fog… The current implementation of fog is “alright” for workspace instances, it’s just that the skybox appearance should also be affected - fog (in real life) is in the sky so it makes sense that the skybox should also be affected.


Should definitely be implemented. It looks so… off.

In case anyone wants a workaround in the meantime, you can use the tricks from yesteryear to do it. Take an egg mesh, make it partially transparent, set the scale to a large negative, and badaboom - fog in the “skybox.” Performance and realism may vary.



An inverted sphere mesh is a great temporary solution but native support would be much appreciated!