Lightning Effect

I’ve really been interested in creating VFX. I can’t help but look at an epic explosion and admire the real time visual effect! So then I started looking on YouTube for some ways I can get started, got some great tips and pointers. Then I took it to studios, while I was messing around with particles, I remembered following a tutorial for a scripted lightning effect by @Prime_Kaz.

I started searching in my files and found the script, messy but bearable I edited it a bit, made some functions, changed some delays, added arguments, and wallah, the product was this:

However, I don’t feel satisfied, it feels like something’s missing, I don’t think there’s a reference for constant lightning striking in the relatively same exact spot :flushed:

What are your thoughts? Thank-you in advance for your feedback!


What will this will be used on, I have no idea, sorry! Just trying to take another small step into VFX and gain feedback. :persevere:


The lightning bolts themselves look really good. The varying thickness shape of each one fits exactly what I would expect.

On another note, I think it feels like something’s missing because you don’t really capture the power that these things have. For starters, a lightning bolt is near instantaneous and is accompanied by a loud thunderclap and very bright light. The Neon material is a good start, but here’s a couple ideas:


Make a Bloom effect that starts maxed out, and put it into effect as soon as the bolt hits. Gradually fade it out until everything is back to normal.


Find a thunderclap audio recording and put it in. Shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Ground Effects

Lightning strikes almost always leave something on fire. Add a little fire and burn mark to the point on the ground where the lightning strikes.


The only time I’ve seen arcs of electricity happening that constant and fast was on a Tesla coil. Don’t do so many so quickly. Slow it down and take your time. Generate one every 3-4 seconds or so to show it off.


If you’re feeling really adventurous, add a little camera shake when the bolt strikes. That’ll help add to the shockwave effect.

Hope these notes help. Best of luck with your projects.


Thank you very much! This really does help and I can see how each aspect will make this that much better! :sparkling_heart:
As for timing, I will still keep this in mind but I may use for a “magic skill” of some sort, I’ll still try my best to improve it based off your notes!

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This is the Best Lightning ever!

Maybe you dont like it, but im sure most of people like it

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This is some neat lightning effects, but of course it could use improvements. @ChiefWildin explained many of these possible improvements. However there is one that he did not mention that would be nice to have. If this lightning is natural, then it I would assume the type of lightning you are simulating is cloud-to-ground. These bolts are very quick and you commonly only see one single flash. Hence the lightning should retain one path, but slow the animation down enough so that multiple flashes are visible.
Chain, or bead lightning is your typical lightning, only it melts into little beads along the path it took. This could look very cool if you decide to add the beading effect. This is similar to Chief’s “Lighting” idea to have the fading. Realistically this fading lasts up to a second, but extending it to three seconds would allow people to marvel at the sight.

I think you should make them shoot twords a smaller target. Maybe add like a glow other than that I liked it!

Thanks for the suggestion, I didn’t end up using it for a “cloud-to-ground” simulation, at least not a natural one. :persevere:

The best glow I could get out of it was using the neon material, if you know of any other way, please tell me! :+1:

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I really like it, What i think it’s missing is maybe an explosion when it hits the ground?

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Will do! :sparkling_heart:
I actually ended up using it for something that might show it off a bit more.

This looks really really good, probably the best lightning effect I’ve seen!

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