Lil_SharkyBoy | Programmer, 3D Artist, GFX Designer and GUI Designer!

Hello fellow robloxians! I’m @Lil_SharkyBoy or most known as sharky, both are cool with me. I’m a small indie dev trying to get to where no one else has gotten, kind of ambitious if you ask me lol. Anyway, I’m mostly a 3D Artist and a Programmer but I do tons of other stuff incluiding GFX and Gui Designing!

I’m 16yrs-old, mexican and I’m a boy (just so you don’t have to ask later)! I like to read and learn tons of stuff in my free time, reading just brings me tons of joy since I can feel how the writter felt and what he wanted to communicate, learning brings me also joy but at the same time a feeling of emptyness since I always learn something new, but it seems that is a little reminder of how much I do not know, I’m ok with that because I’m always taking one step further in that process that never ends.

Anyway, I’m really friendly and immature so if you’re trying to find a co-worker that seems more as a friend, well, that’s me my guy! If you want to talk about something, can be either way any of your interest or just some random question about a theme or subject you don’t understand, want help or anything else well, send me a dm on DIscord (down below on the contact info), thanks and have a good day!

3D Artist | Blender

I’m a 3D Artist as well, this is kind of cool already right? Well I decided when I started programming that it wasn’t the best for me, so i quitted and started doing 3D stuff in the platform, actually, I got pretty far and worked with groups that had more than 200k members!! This was a pretty big achievement for me and I actually just… Quit from it, again. But here’s stuff that I’ve done down below, also the groups i’ve worked with are…

Here are the previous work I was talking about:

Click me!








Programmer | Luau

So… Yeah, I actually quit from programming the first month I got into it. I just got really stressed out and a lot of stuff was really hard to understand either, then… I came back after 7 months of just Blender everyday and to be honest, it just feels nice. I have 5 months in experience, counting other 2 (but those I was just getting and going off, not really consistance there lol)! Actually I’ve been getting into Java and C#, TypeScript and a lot of other cool stuff even Python, all just seems really interesting to me! :smiley:

Anyway, here’s some stuff I’ve done and there’s actually more about it but you know, I’ve been just doing random stuff here and there. Anyway, I’m a teacher on some discord servers, and helping in others, not really into the DevForum sorry.

I’ve been getting into roblox-ts, so I may post something about it when I get the hang of it and make something cool with it, there’s a lot of other stuff but I can’t really find anything. Anyway, I’ve pretty grasp knowledge about Luau and it’s semantic, syntax and a lot of other stuff.

Here’s an obby that I made like the first month I was getting into programming: Funniest Obby!

Click me!

Final result:

Pet system handled within the object oriented programming paradigm:

Perlin noise (just because it is cool):

Snake game made in Java from a tutorial reference:

2D Perlin Noise:

More about perlin noise in “1D”:

Gui thing for Coast Grill:

More gui:

Tycoon Kit thing test made fully by me and via modular paradigm:

GFX Design | Blender and Photoshop

Most of the times I use this 2 tools combined to get into this, but for sure you can use another image editor for this. Anyway, I’m not the best and to be honest my work here it’s really no the best but if you find it cool then sure, come to me I guess.

Click me!

GFX that I made for VitorGamesStudio:

GFX I made for an obby of mine:

Some really bad GFX for a cafe, ignore it:

My first GFX:

You can check my twitter and see some pretty cool stuff as well:

Also a really random logo I made for an idea of a group of mine!

GUI Design | Illustrator and Photoshop

GUI Designing it’s so good for me too! I like how can I make GUI that will later be interactable with the player and how can I imagine the scenarios where this are applied. It is just epic!

I use Photoshop and Illustrator for this task, also, all the vectors and GUI it is made completely by me, so be sure to check it out because it took tons of time!

Click me!

Some of the gamepasses of my game:


Shop demostration (he was the scripter that actually stills scripting the game lol):

More shop demostration:

GUI in-game made completely by me:


This is actually really fexible because I’m not really “ok gimmi rilly gud amunt of robux”. Nah, if you think the amount it is fair and it’s your budget, I’ll see if it’s enough for what you’re asking for and I’ll accept most of the times!

I take % too but it is too weird, and this is most likely to close people to me and also people with a back-up plan and a solid game design, good developers on their team and some back payment if it fails.

Don’t worry, I don’t bite!

Contact information

Well, since I’m a really friendly guy I have some ways you can get in contact with me and I hope you can do it! I hope we can get along and become more than just co-workers or me deving for you, more like friends!

Here’s where you can contact me:

Get a good day my guy, because it doesn’t come to you, you gotta find it!


I love your renders! Could you maybe show us some examples of any projects you’ve programmed in, or examples you’ve programmed yourself?


I’ll be working on that later one! :smiley:

Sadly, I don’t have examples of my Programming but I’ll be doing a lot. Also, thanks for the support and for like my renders, even if they’re not perfect or good enough.


Keep waiting a commission! :smiley:

Also, I posted a new image on my Twitter (link on the Post) and it-self to the Post! Now you can see the improvement of my skills only 2 days, the first render was the first day of modeling, the second one was the second day, and the third one 4th day after modeling!

I will keep improving and all, also, I’m creating a tutorial of Lua covering the basics and well explained to those ones that doesn’t have previous experience on any Programming Language.

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I’m learning 3D design/modeling myself and was wondering what software you use and how you make the lighting so good.

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Hey! You can add me on Discord and we can talk there, I can give you tips and my techniques I use, the knowledge isn’t knowledge if isn’t shared! :smiley:


I love those renders you have! Although I’m not looking to hire anyone at the moment, I’m quite curious on what kind of software you use to make your 3d models. Also lovely lighting and texture. These are pretty good for someone who only gotten into modeling for 2 weeks.

Hey thanks! As I always find and search tutorials everyday to improve my skills, I have to recognize that the first day doing renders and stuff with my whole knowledge was a little bit… Uh… Lack on effort, just lets say that!

The second day I tought it was a lovely day to learn how to make low-poly water and I search up some youtube videos! And the 3rd and the 4th day I spent already 8-9hrs on the 3rd render of my list, searching up how to improve a lot the lighting and how is used on the real life and how we can apply it on the scene! :smiley:

Also, I use Blender 2.81, but like I always says, doesn’t matters the software (a little bit) is the person who use it.

If you need something else, I would like to help you! :grin:


Hey! Just changed my whole portfolio and added my newest work on the post! Give it a look and if you want hire me, I’m still open! :smiley:

I’m still not accepting % payment based, sorry.

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I updated my portfolio, thanks for the time.

(This reply is to put my portfolio again on the top list, because right now it’s been a lot since my portfilio has been updated)

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Portfolio update ( update 13 )

Again me, putting my portfolio again on the top so if someone’s need me he can contact me easily. Also, I made a little website ( placeholder for the moment ) I’m designing one really good but for now this is temporal.

I’ll add tomorrow another scene I made but this time is sci-fi and this work is commissioned by @N_RS, thanks to him. :wink:

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Hey! So I paid 500 robux for a bubble waffle, and he did great! I attached an image of what I received, and I also suggested how to make it resemble a bubble waffle and he took my suggestions to give me what I wanted!

This picture is what I received after I painted it and imported it into my own game.
This is his render of the bubble waffle

He was great to work with, he completed his order in less than two days!


Opened commissions for Graphic Designing! This is a example I made today:

Have a nice day and hope we get in contact soon! :smiley:


Vouch for SharkyBoy very understanding, willing to take large orders and very fast with replies!
10/10 would recommend.


Just made a room scene, I think it went out pretty well! :smiley:

My commissions are opened but I’ll be just accepting some few since I got full-filled the last time, hope we get in contact soon and please read all the post!


Update 31!

Well, it’s been a really long time since I updated my portfolio so now I’m here, also, I feel alone guys my portfolio is just me talking and making updates. :pensive:

Anyway, I’m not taking big commissions for a while since I’m applying for Tsunami Sushi! And also working with Gold Studios in their next game.

Hope we can get in contact soon buddy! :smiley:

Side note: Please, read all the post so you don’t come to my dms having doubts. All is explained about commissioning me on the post!

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Amazing modeler, i wouldn’t ask for anyone better. His models are always top quality and he is a very hard working person. He is very easy to work with and very talented i would highly recommend. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wow, I got some naturalism inspiration instead of doing inside (like rooms and other stuff) I decided to make something more outsider!

Here it is, the final result:

If you could like and retweet on Twitter it could help me a LOT! :smiley:

Link to Twitter:

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Recently I started to use in a more complex way Photoshop (not really complex but in a more cool way)! I’ve made my first 2 composites on it and I tbh I’m really satisfied with the final result of each!

First Composite!

This one was my really first composite, literally I didn’t know what to do and went to youtube and searched “Photoshop Composites” and “Photoshop Image Manipulation” and then I saw this video icon that had this camera and some rails and a little boy in the rails, but I decided to get the camera and get the other images by my own.

Final result:

Images Used for this Composite!


Second Composite!

This one, was a petition of a good friend of mine! So I decided to give it a try and see what I could do without any reference of what I was doing (have in consideration I’m not a really creative man and when you commission me I will ask straight away for references!) but I think it went out pretty well too!

Final result:

Images Used for this Composite!

City Landscape

Storm Clouds

So? This is all, thanks for the time to read or just give it a shoot to my portfolio. See you in the other side!

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Vouch worked with him in Burger Queen, really good guy.