[Limited Availability] - Transfer your Experience to your Group

Sorry, I am unfamiliar with the logistics of moving game passes, but this feature (experience ownership transfer) won’t support this use case. It will only move the game passes accompanying the original experience to the group.

When is this “initial phase” planned to end? 30,000 robux is quite the large amount for most people, including me :sweat_smile:

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In fairness, this is one of those things that’s probably only all that big of a deal if your game is making significantly more than 30,000 R$ (to a point where 30,000 is a drop in the bucket)

But I am very curious when it’s set to go free as promised… Being this far out from the original post makes me think a possible broken promise at this point.

You’re not wrong. But there are those small cases where people are getting visits and stats on their game but it just hasn’t gained 30,000.

Yep… They have taken some time and we’ve heard nothing new, yet.

hey! As someone who wants to transfer their experience and does not have 30,000 spare robux, when does this feature go free?

Hey! We can’t share specific dates, but the team is actively working towards it. This is a complicated area, and we need to make sure we don’t rush it as transfer of ownership is super critical and a high-risk action.

Keep an eye out :slight_smile:


Hey @peraldon, I was wondering if this feature was still available.

Sounds good, mate! Can’t wait to see more amazing features.

Yes, you can still submit requests using the instructions at the top.

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A friend of mine is unable to send messages on the devforum because they haven’t spent enough time to be granted the permissions to do so. Is there a way this can be circumvented, as the game urgently needs to be transferred to the group?

Please message me the username of this other account.

The username of this account is: @Ducki_nation

Just re-create the gamepasses under the transferred game, and keep the old gamepasses IDs along with the new ones in the scripts.