[LIMITED] loueque | Enthusiastic Programmer, UI Designer Portfolio

I am CURRENTLY accepting requests to be hired in any position but limited, don’t pay me with limiteds, gift cards, or underpay me; I accept USD + Robux as payment.


Hi, I’m loueque, a 15 year-old programmer on Roblox and UI designer making creations and learning more programming knowledge along the way. I know how to program in Lua, Python, C#, and Java, mainly programming in Python and Lua most of my time, and learned all of that in ~ 2 years. :computer:

For UI, it’s all in-studio, I don’t like or use an external editor like paint net, photoshop, photopea, and such.


You can see my assets/previous work below:





A plugin that generates different types of type-checking scripts, from --strict to --nostrict.


A plugin, module, that reads all properties of a specific instance.


A calculator that uses the math class in lua to solve problems, even uses math.pi!

User Snippets

A plugin that is inspired by visual studio code built-in user snippets, contains OOP, Class, and such.

Goto Line

A plugin that travels and opens a script with a given name, storage, and line.

Nothing much for programming yet, will update once I’ve created more showcases / work.


Upcoming game: Guess a number! - Roblox?

Fun “memey” game: you only live once. - Roblox

Developer forum contributions, resources:


I love github, exploring different creations, checking out sources like Roact, Rodux, and setting up my time in visual studio code, somewhat a showcase of my work.

Currently use this for plugins, future features for developers, and more in the future: loueque (loueque) · GitHub


My schedule over in PT (very limited):

  • Monday → Friday: 11:25AM → 11:00PM
  • Saturday: 12:00PM → 8:00PM
  • Sunday: OFF



  • Varies on what you want, name me your price and we’ll have a deal. Usually, R$ per asset would be reasonable, or an hourly pay.


  • Buttons: varies, mainly > 80 R$
  • Loading Screen: 700 ~ 1025 R$
  • Inventory: 1600 R$
  • Shop:
  • Daily reward, prompts, role: 2500 ~ 3025 R$
  • Full game, or less: 8.25k+ R$.

Or, we can decide on each asset or a total pay, whatever works

Issues with payment, we can table.sort() or string.find() a way to workthrough payment.


Roblox: loueque
Twitter: @loueque
Discord: loueque#2702

I’d prefer if you contacted me on the forums, I’m much active looking at the forums on announcements, programming, and ways to improve game projects or my time-being.


All In studio? that’s really impressive! Keep up the good work.


Whew! What a year…, as of 3/22/2021 :partying_face:

I’ve updated my portfolio now, now a programmer + UI designers at the moment, but very limited due to school and other things in life. Added more showcases, better payment options, updated my contacts, remove unwanted text that isn’t necessary, and creations!

Changed my hours, which used to be in the morning to evening, now it’s from afternoon ~ night, school is in the way, that is why. :pensive:

:pushpin: Will be using this for future portfolio updates once I add more creations, payment methods, and such.

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