QueModels | Sets to benefit beginning developers!


NOTE: This is part of the QueTutorials series that is brand new starting from today!


Hey there everyone! The name’s loueque and in this wonderful resource post, I will be explaining and posting open-sourced models/props as I don’t use these anymore and I thought to myself that

What is QueModels? QueModels is a self-owned “business” that includes free models, UI assets, and props that can be used for everybody on the Roblox platform for beginner developers or current developers for their games or little projects that can benefit you and many of your games or creations on the Roblox platform!

Do we have to credit you? Nope, you don’t have to credit me for any of these models as they are free to use without anyone complaining and thinking it’s a free model from someone else since most users tend to do that in some situations.


Here are some of the sets or places that you can download to take it for free for your essential use!

Images of the sets:


Set #1


Link to the model: Model here!

Again, you don’t have to give me credit for any of these!

Set #2

UI Sets:

Link to the model: Model here!

Again, you don’t have to give me credit for any of these!

Set #3

Full Model Set:

Link to the model: Model here!

Again, you don’t have to give me credit for any of these!

What is inside these sets specifically? Well then, each set has a specific amount of items and a list of those items such as buttons with remote events that can open gates or make something unanchored or make it destroyed, which could be a structure to hold crates, and some UI that can make your game have pretty and nicer UI inside the game.

If you want the place, here are the places:

Place #1

Download: ButtonSet.rbxl (24.3 KB)

Place #2

Download: UISet.rbxl (28.2 KB)

Place #3

Download: FullSet.rbxl (63.1 KB)


Update version: 1.5

Update Logs:
Update 1.0:

The post was created with a lot of sections, and especially downloads instead of taking the model.

Update 1.1:

Re-did descriptions for the models and details, and fixed misspelled words and stuff.

Update 1.2:

Added images to show what the sets look like incase if you wanted to see what they looked like, and re-did some categories as well!

Future plans:
  1. More sets with better quality models and UI in a couple of months.

  2. TBA.


Anyway, thanks for using these resources for a possible project or showcase it does mean a lot to me and for you as a developer.

Have any questions or recommendations for any of the places/sets above? Leave a PM on the forums instead of replying, you could reply but I would recommend messaging me in particular. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, remember to keep developing and have a great day! :wave:


Preview images of the three things you’re open sourcing would be nice! Some people would like to look, without the hassle of obtaining them.

Thanks for your contribution however, nice post!