Limiteds automatically become limited after a period of time

I’m suggesting that Roblox introduce a time-out feature with any new limiteds released, after a pre-set period of time e.g. 7 days these limiteds would automatically be taken off-sale and become limited. This will allow for these items to be re-sold and will stop items from being in this cycle forever. Additionally, this would benefit users purchasing an item as if it doesn’t sell out if makes it rarer than initially intended increasing the value in some cases.

While reading Twitter I noticed a post which I took into consideration, Roblox limiteds from time to time are released and have a huge amount of stock, generally, these items sell out slowly, but from time to time there are the odd ones that users really just dislike, they’re too expensive or whatever and don’t sell out, I’ve linked a few below:

Note: This was previously suggested in 2016 however I felt it lacked detail and explanation of why this feature should be implemented and is necessary.

  • Yes, take items off-sale after a period of time
  • No, keep the current system in place

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