LinkedSource for group doesn't publish script as group

When you’re editing a group game (Cloud Edit or regularly) and create a LinkedSource by rightclicking a script and selecting “Create new LinkedSource”, the asset is uploaded under your account. It seems as if studio doesn’t append &groupId=GROUP_ID to the Upload.ashx url when editing a group game, even though it should.

When you use a LinkedSource in a group game that’s not owned by the group, only the real owner can edit (or even open) the script. In an online game, the LinkedSource won’t load, as the group doesn’t have access to it.

I manually uploaded a script using Upload.ashx with &groupId, and it got created under the group just fine, so it’s just studio that doesn’t use that parameter when it should

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Is this potentially the cause of this issue?

We’re already aware of this bug and it’s in our pipeline to fix. We’ll keep you updated.

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Seems like that’s the case.

I’ve actually ctrl+f’d through all printable strings in the RobloxStudioBeta.exe (using Process Explorer) and those two were right under each other:


so my guess is they have a “check if group” clause, but it isn’t actually enabled or it doesn’t work properly.

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