Liquid Lava Terrain

This is not an issue or bug, but a new feature that could be a nice addition to the terrain material types.

There isn’t any type of liquid lava terrain in the studio. I know this sounds far-fetched, but it could be possible. I imagine that it should behave like dense water. There would be properties of the terrain that describe how it acts; for example:
(Property names and descriptions below)
Wave Speed - Already exists, but would control lava speed as well.
Density - A NumberValue that determines how difficult it is to move through the lava.
Damage - A NumberValue that determines how much damage is done per second to a player in lava
LavaColor - A Color3 value describing the color of the lava.

This is nothing but a request. I thought that it would prove useful, because liquid lava can only be done with parts at the moment.


I would hope not, this is Feature Request

A while back there was a hackweek project that did this:

It gets good at the end of the video

Honestly, that is cool but it’s just retextured and changed water, isn’t it? That’s what this feature request is too, basically. Maybe we should just ask for more control over water, so we can change the properties more.


That’s what lava is, right? It acts like water with a different viscosity.
I’d hope that this would be a new feature rather than more control over water, because there wouldn’t be a way to have water and lava in the same game.


First, I said “not a bug” because the template asks for what the issue is.
Second, that looks great :happy2:


Hm, true. It’s a shame there’s no way smooth terrain can let us make custom stuff. I guess we have to just ask for each individual thing. But yeah this isn’t a bad idea I guess. Maybe not the Damage property though - I think people would want to custom script that themselves.


I’d hope that being in lava would trigger the “FloorMaterial” property of a humanoid.


I’d rather have a new material instead of water that can be turned into Lava. That way we can have both in the same world.