List of discontinued GamersInternational Plugin Suite plugins

These are a list of discontinued plugins in the GamersInternational Plugin Suite. I’ll accept pull requests if someone makes anything, bu by discontinuing old plugins, I’m able to work on newer ones. I’ll also try to leave a reason for why I’ve discontinued for transparency reasons.

  • blisstools

This plugin was discontinued mainly due to the whole UI being a bit of a mess, as well as some pieces of code (mainly the bad code I’ve made). I’m planning to make a paid replacement eventually (which will also merge another one of my discontinued plugins in), but my plan is to just start from scratch.

Certain functions of this plugin is replaced by auroraSuite - Plenty of tools for developing games

The icons, UI style, everything needs to change.

  • FolderTool (free version)

This was discontinued due to the plugin having no use anymore thanks to Roblox adding group as folder and ungroup folders into Studio. For model to folder conversion, Reclass is recommended.

The Pro version really exists to add some more features, such as iteration and custom folder naming, as well as being able to support me at the same time.

  • Roblox Fast Donation Button Creation

It’s weird if I try to make an update when I haven’t made one in a year. In reality, I want to merge it into blisstools 2.0, since it would make the plugin somewhat easier to maintain. I will be releasing one last update in the future to make some minor changes (e.g. just looking at it I can see grammar issues lol, plus I just want to get rid of some unnecessary stuff).

Certain functions of this plugin have been replaced by auroraSuite - Plenty of tools for developing games