(v2.0.3 // Bliss update) Roblox Fast Donation Button Creation Plugin


Now discontinued, refer to List of discontinued GamersInternational Plugin Suite plugins

This plugins feature set has mostly been replaced with a tool in auroraSuite. Themes don’t exist yet, but overall the code is a bit better than what’s used here. Check it out: auroraSuite - Plenty of tools for developing games

Hello everyone! I’ve had this plugin public for a while but I’ve never got round to actually putting this in community resources. The plugin is called Roblox Fast Donation Button Creation and it is aimed for developers to allow users to donate via a Developer Product. This also does work if you want users to take shirts or pants.

Any criticism is heavily appreciated so the plugin can improve, please make sure to leave some below :smiley:


So how does it work?

When you download the plugin, you will notice a new section in your plugin toolbar with the name of Roblox Fast Donation Button Creation which should contain a button to toggle the GUI.


Once you’ve toggled the GUI to show, a dockable window will appear with the option to paste an asset ID (DevProducts, Shirts, Pants and Models are the only types that work) and choose one of 4 themes to use for the button. The menu also allows you to switch into an easy to understand Help menu and an About menu.


Once you’ve pasted your asset ID into the TextBox and you choose which button theme you want and when you press Create, a ScreenGui and a TextButton will be automatically created inside it (and a LocalScript inside the TextButton with the code already filled out to PromptPurchase) and players will now be able to donate to your game.

Button Styles

Button Style [Default]:

Button Style [Gradient]:

Button Style [Gradient Text]:

Button Style [Modern Cash Icon]:

Script Example:

Where can I get this plugin from?

The plugin is available as a FREE download from [v2.0.2] Roblox Fast Donation Button Creation - Roblox. If you would like to donate to continue development of this plugin, then feel free to leave donations at Rii-built Studios Project Center - Roblox.

You can also now view the code of this plugin and help improve it at the page below.

GamersInternational’s Plugin Suite: DisableCoreGUIFunctions | FolderTool | GroupMe | StudioFetch

Permissions required for plugin to function correctly

This plugin requires Script Injection to function correctly so the button does trigger a donation when clicked.

In the future, I might also require HTTP Requests, however that probably won’t be needed.


I’m hoping to release a minor update soon to simply make it less bug-free by changing the script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent in the PromptProductPurchase to Players.LocalPlayer.


Could you allow for mutliple dev products

That would be an aim in the future, I’d definitely need help with doing that and I would have to make it paid then.

Version 1.2.1 is out!

  • Plugin Version UI has slightly changed
  • Made improvements to the LocalScript inside of the Donation Button

This plugin is free and always will be but donations are appreciated, link in main post.

Will be making sure the icon works on the Toolbar in the next update.

I also forgot to add that this works with shirts and pants as well.

Would appreciate it if anyone can suggest new features (except for the ability to add multiple buttons, I can’t do that by myself)

What about adding custom customization options?
Like changing font, color etc. (if that isn’t already added, I haven’t checked the plugin out yet, sorry)

No I still haven’t added that, anyways you suggested it before on the original feedback page. I just don’t see the point of having customisation features when someone can go into the plugin and change it.

Sorry that I’m about to bump this but would you like to see the plugin open-sourced? Enter in this poll and feel free to add on to why you voted on a certain option.

Should I make this open-source?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe in the future

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Well, not like you should do this, but just saying, you can basically watch the source script for any plugin :sweat_smile:

I know you can but any clones right now could be filed for DMCAs since they haven’t had my permission to modify or reupload it.

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Just officially made the plugin open-source.

PLEASE NOTE: The code on the GitHub page is slightly modified from the code on Roblox, I will edit the message for people who look inside the plugin from getting the source from Roblox to say they can do whatever the want. License is coming soon.

Also to help this thread keep less cluttered, you can get help and support plus you can submit ideas at the GitHub discussions page.

Isn’t it time for an update? Version 1.3 has just been released and addresses some previous feedback submitted by users like @HamburgersAreC00l.

This update moves the help text into a separate menu, this helps make space for a new feature. It also helps to be more legible for visually impaired people.


The big feature of this update is button themes, yes there is only two for now but it allows users to at least make their button different from the default. [also thanks to @incapaz for helping me debug issues with inserting the gradient button]


You can get the latest version by going into the plugin settings menu and updating or browsing to the GitHub repository [download from GitHub].

Also if anyone has any suggestions of future themes for buttons, let me know.

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How about a modern theme for the button?

Could you explain a bit more by what you mean? The gradient one I thought was pretty modern.

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I mean make it like simple very simple with a transparent background or like that. You should add a button to adjust the UiCorner too

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Hey everyone, just an update, I’m uploading a trailer of this plugin rn to YouTube and it will be on here first [setting it as unlisted for now as I got to configure some stuff].