Listen to the community and change the process for rolling out features and updates

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I don’t want to get too off-topic here, but recently, I have been continuously frustrated with how Roblox treats their developer community. As a Roblox developer, I feel constant patronization from Roblox, and I have multiple times said that this is unacceptable.

It feels ridiculous to me that there are so many things the community has done for this platform, from creating advanced tools, plugins, and creating complex games with them. In many ways, Roblox seems to respect the developer community, but I am disappointed when there are times (many times in fact) when Roblox treats us like children they need to spoonfeed. This inconsistency has in my opinion messed up the way they interpret the needs of this community, but to be more specific to this situation, it has affected the way they responcibility deliver the features and tools developers need.

There really is no light way to say this. The engine seems to become more disorganized and buggier every day, with unexpected features, unexpected errors, and more. This feels unpredictable, and that leads to frustration. Roblox developers come in all types. Some are here for fun and joy. Some are here for the fun and joy and for the need. How can Roblox expect people to depend on this platform when ridiculous problems like this come up what seems like all the time?

Roblox is a cloud platform that requires games to always be created with the latest version of Roblox Studio. Roblox doesn’t have concepts like LTS or versions. (Well, they have versions, but we don’t get to choose which version we want to use). If this is the case, then Roblox needs to be more careful about how they do things. Other game engines and software have LTS versions for a reason. Developers need stability and consistency, and while this doesn’t mean that I don’t want any new features, it does mean that Roblox can’t treat Roblox Studio like testing software, randomly publishing changes to multiple users multiple times a week. This isn’t a good holiday present. When we update Roblox Studio, usually not by choice, we get everything that comes with it. It’s new features and often it’s many bugs.

This isn’t fun. However, it’s even more disappointing to learn that in many cases the community has replied, posted, and shared their thoughts. As the OP said, cases like this have happened with, for example, the Asset Manager. Yet, the community was ignored. Why? What is the purpose of creating and releasing these features if the audience you are making them for is not satisfied yet?

As for the changing of the Non-RepicatedFirst loading order, I think this problem is even more serious. This isn’t even a change that is limited to Roblox Studio anymore. This is a platform-wide change that makes games unpredictable. How can developers work with this?

Roblox developers have workflows, infrastructures, tools, and features they depend on. It is unfair to treat developers in a way that makes them feel powered by the platform, but then when it comes to serious things like this, developers are left out of the “big stuff”. These irrational decisions are throwing many developers off guard.


Sorry to bump this topic however this is still an ongoing issue, within the past 2 weeks I had to flag two silent changes that negatively impact both my and many other creators’ workflows. It is absolutely unacceptable that it appears that DevRels’ view on rolling out features is “roll them out and see if there is back-lash later”

The two topics I had to make which honestly shouldn’t need to exist at all if Roblox both notified us of the changes and listened to developer feedback:

I am majorly disappointed that I had to write these topics and that one of them still isn’t resolved, I am starting to lose trust in DevRel by the day and I don’t know how long I can continue on this platform if Roblox keeps on throwing annoyances to my workflow with no notice.


Roblox seems to no longer care about the community at all, for instance Egg Hunts, something many of us loved no longer exists. There are way more things I could list here but I guess I’d step away from the topic a bit…