Live with Level Up: Finding the Fun with Splitting Point

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In this Level Up Roundtable, we speak with Splitting Point, the studio behind epic experiences like Wacky Wizards and Field Trip Z on about finding the fun in yours!

Finding the Fun is all about generating ideas, prototyping them, playtesting and iterating until they’re as engaging as possible for your players. Find out how Jandel and Foryxe find the fun in Wacky Wizards through brainstorming, prototyping, feedback, and iteration!

:arrow_forward: Watch the Roundtable on YouTube!

Discussion Outline

  1. Intros
  2. Finding the Fun
    a. Community engagement
    b. Responding to feedback
  3. Brianstorming & Prototyping
    a. Creative process
    b. Collaborating with others
    c. Prioritizing ideas
    d. Playtesting
  4. Wacky Wizards
    a. Production process
    b. Feature iteration
    c. Releases and updates

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That looks cool to me. Can you do DreamCraft next?


Really nice episode :+1: Congratulations team! :roblox_light:


Towards the second half of the video the focus changed from “finding the fun” to a bunch of development related subjects and questions. Don’t get me wrong here, I loved the discussions happening. Maybe “fun” wasn’t a great topic to make a video about because it is subjective.

A bit ago someone on the forum asked about how to make a game “entertaining” and fun. Here is a link to that discussion:

Great video and great advice from Splitting Point towards the end.


i legit thought when u play roblox games for a certain period of time u will level up ur roblox profile or something


Nice video, great job! :roblox:
Looking forward to the next chapter of this.

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Looks cool!

What if you guys tried something different next time like talking to unsuccessful developers?

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This definitely looks like the round table of times past.

To my knowledge, the term ‘round tables’ historically referred to meetings done by King Arthur’s sphere to ensure no one member had a superior seating position to any other. Do note that round-table meetings usually housed many people at a time.

This term has been heavily corrupted (at least here) to signify not much more than a Q&A session. I’ll only call this a roundtable once fellow developers are allowed to directly participate.

I understand that the claim I’m making here is a bold and cursory one; I haven’t watched the stream in its entirety yet. If there’s anything that I failed to pick up on, do let me know.