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Hi, I’ve developed a Module Script which allows you to save a player’s leaderstats with an easy format to use. For now, it includes only one public function. I will add an automatic leaderstats loading function soon.

Update 5.31.2022

Now it takes less data storage, thanks to @commitblue for recommending it.
NOTE: To get children: [1], and to get value: [2]


local  EL = require(WhereIts)

EL.Save(plr) --changed the format, check Configure

And how it formats it:
It might look confusing, but see it
Now you got how easy it formats it. If the format is really confusing for you, wait for me to add Load() function in a close future please.
To get the module for free, click here.

Please return me about it if it helps you or if it has something missing.

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  • Too confusing.

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As a warning, the script got an update so please update your ones if you have the script.

NOTE: You must edit the leaderstats folder in it however you want. And do not forget to edit the config please!

“easy format”

Why make it look so complicated plus take more datastore space?

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Uh would you like just to get values? I think I will remove that [“Type”] since it’s not rly useful

Keep values, but remove [type] and make it the index instead

heres how i want it to format:

["Model"] = {
{values, Name = "amogus"}

Saves much space.

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So should I remove these ""?

What do you mean?

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["Model"] = {
Children = {},
Value = nil

Insted of

["Model"] = {
["Children"] = {},
["Value"] = nil

Also I don’t think {values, Name = "amogus"} would even work since there are two variables but there is only one “amogus”

No they are the same, with [""] and none.

Model = {
{Name = "yes"},

also it will. test it yourself

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If I got it, do you want to get children like ["Model"][2]

Yes. That format saves much more space and more fittinf for datastore


Thank you really much! I will reply you when I make it like how you say. I’m also gonna choose this as solution

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Hi, I made it like you want (I guess). If that’s what you meant then I will publish it c:

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I cant really understand that, can you send me an example table when using your module?

Sure, hold up please (I will be editing the message)

@commitblue it’s how it looks

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Its good, heres a reward

an egg!

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To keep this module active, everyone can suggest anything they want to see in the module script so I can add it

Please tell me your ideas on the poll!