[OPEN] Scripter Portfoilo

Who I am
Hello, I am BaconKral. I am developer since uhm, around some years. I am not professional with Roblox’s physic but I am advanced with data storage, and table management. I also develop Discord bots with slash command support.
My Discord Account

  • BaconKral#2030, please send a reply if you add me with your username.

What I’ve done in Discord

  • Discord to Roblox verification here.
  • Discord Bot Lists bot search command (the bot does not exist anymore)
  • Warning system

My Running Bots

  • Ro-Verification (which uses Discord to Roblox verification)

My Roblox Games

Single Things That I’ve Done

  • Easy Leaderstats, here.
  • Tag System which depends on time played (not easy to use), here.

How I work

  • I work with the least risk of errors/future problems.
  • When I finish a project, you are free to tell me if any problem appears with my work, I can fix it. And if you’re confused with anything, I help you.


  • Generally less than 1000 robux, depending on the work.
  • If it is a BOT, then it may be higher.
    NOTE: I don’t accept money as payment, I just accept robux.

General Note
I have actually made many other things in Discord and Roblox, but I just don’t have any showcase of them since I didn’t think about making a portfoilo.

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