LoadAsset should work through groups

Hear me out on this one.
I own a city game with a friend under a group and we hire admins who are allowed to have a model slot in the owners models, on the previous game they would just use Adonis and ‘:insert ID’ their slot for example. However, under group games this is different and group models are required. Places are considered assets and therefore are able to edit the game in any way they like. That was a way someone suggested to me to avoid the issue with model inserting, but models are assets too and will be updated by the player. My only solution is trusting various people with a game which generates lots of revenue and has a lot of visitors daily, and we don’t want to lose our admins as they are good and do their job properly, and enjoy driving around in their privileged vehicles.

If an administrator could forward this to the Studio developers or Client developers or even Web developers that would be extremely appreciated as this is a must-have for my games.

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you support me on this!


The problem with this is if you join a group the owner can insert all of your models and steal them. If we had a solution for this, it would have to be whitelisting e.g. “this person can take my model” and “this place can insert my model”.

The owner is well trusted and respected within the community, meaning that he hasn’t done anything to jeopardise his reputation. He would never do so anyhow, but we really do need this feature to make our game more fun for us and worthwhile.