Lobby for a game

I’m currently working on a zombie survival game. I haven’t made it very far into development, but I was hoping to get some feedback on the game lobby!

By the way, the lobby IS NOT complete yet!

I’m just wanting to know if people like this build style to progress further into the lobby design and use it for maps!

Here is a few screenshots:

Any feedback is great!
I would really like to know how many people like this build style! That’s the main thing I would like criticism in.

Thank you in advance for good/bad criticism and feedback!

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I’d suggest you put the hour to night, It’ll make everything much creepier, than you should add details like some graves if you want or something like that, but for the rest I like it, keep up the good work :smiley: I think the only down fall would be too many parts making people with low ends e devices lag, you can simply make something to change graphics to counteract that

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Thank you! :grin:

I’d prefer to have the game in day time, but the night time idea sounds cool! I’ll definitely add that in the future when I roll around to working on the settings for the game.

And yeah. The high part count will destroy low-end device, and honestly maybe mid-end devices as well. I’ll 100% have settings for that as well! That is my first plan when I work on the settings

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You’re welcome maybe you can add a day night cycle so that it will be better, and there’s no problem, keep up the good work :smiley:

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Also I’m not sure if it works, I never used it, but people say if you union can things, export them (in blender for example) and put them in studio again it will lower the part count making the game much less laggier (not sure, never tried so…)

Yeahhhhh! I actually did that with the low-poly hills around the place. Helped boost performance a lil on my really old phone. The game works fine at full quality on my current phone as well.

I didn’t expect that to work trying it but it did lol

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Ok good, keep up the good work :smiley:

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I will do my best! :grin:

character limit

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You should turn on DoubleSided on the tree leaves as you can look through the bottom. I know this from my own experience when using these trees.

Other than that, looks good so far, nice job :+1:.

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Ah! hank you so much. That’s what I forgot to do :sob:
I had a feeling I forgot to do something earlier and turning on double sides was exactly that.

But also, thank you for your feedback! :grin:

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It does look very good. Maybe less trees for my opinion overall everything looks very nice.

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This is incredibly well done so far. To add some variety, I’d suggest scattering some rocks and plants throughout the area. You could also alter the height of each tree, nice job!


You should change the size and color of various trees so they don’t look so identical.

Too fill some areas you could maybe add some fences and paths.

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How do you do the doublesided thing?

Also I have another idea, maybe you can try adding some kind of entertainment or mini-mini games, so people doesn’t get bored, but I know that the lobby is not ready yet, just some ideas, keep up the good work :smiley:

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I’ll definitely do that! I planned on adding just some rocks, but some plants would be nice as well!

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The height of the trees are all different, but not by much. I used the brush tool plugin to place all of them. I had it set to randomly adjust the size, but not by much. I’ll definitely go and change them a bit more manually!

Yeah that’s a good idea

Character limit

They should modify the map in the context so that we can see the view of the sea it would be really good otherwise it would be a shame afterwards it’s good :slight_smile:

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