Updated lobby for my game

Hey devs!

I want to show you all some improvements I made to the lobby for a new game I’ve been working on.

The older version was showed in my previous post about it
I made some small improvements based on some replies on that post (adding some vegetation, enabling double sided on the trees (they really needed it lol), and a day/night cycle).
I also added some things myself! (i.e. the waterfall)

Along with the waterfall, I gave it some well needed sounds. After all, waterfalls in real life aren’t quiet!
I also added dynamic sounds to match the day/night cycle (just some crickets. Already had the bird sounds, but it felt weird without a corresponding nighttime sound!)

Here are the screenshots!

And here are some videos showing off the sound effects!

I would really like some feedback on my improvements and on some other things I can add!

The only downpour (waterfall pun definitely intended) is the really high part count. That will absolutely crush low-end, and honestly maybe even mid-end devices. The lattice by the waterfall definitely doesn’t help (even unioned together)

Anyways, I hope you all have a great day!

Best regards,


Only one word: I. Like. It and by the way, thanks for considering my tip of adding a day night cycle, I e really like your lobby, keep up the good work :smiley:


And yeah the low end devices are all gonna die (by the way (if I remember that was a lobby for a zombie game, right?) probably the low end devices are gonna go and join all of those zombies, sorry if this was a really bad joke, I’m not good at jokes)


I thought the joke was pretty funny :laughing:

But yes, it is a zombie survival game. And you’re welcome for taking the day/night cycle idea. It ended up being way cooler than I expected to be! I had it planned originally but I cut it because I thought it’d be stupid, but after giving it a shot, it was really cool! Thank you for getting me to actually try it! I really appreciate it!

Thanks for the compliment of the joke, by the way, when you have an idea, you should always try it out, it can be really cool like the day night cycle, or it can be a total flop like making everything pink (just an example), because If you never try, the answer will always be, no so you should always try your ideas, unless they are permanent, in that case I suggest copying you place and doing it in the copied place (always better than having to redo everything)

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I’m usually very harsh on myself. Mental illness isn’t fun :disappointed:
But I usually tend to be harsh on myself and my ideas for stuff. I never really ask anyone else if they like an idea, and if I think it’s stupid I just blame myself for being an idiot and never add it. It sucks, but I’ve been getting into a healthier habit of not doing that thankfully.

Anyways, thank you for your feedback. I really appreciate it!


And by the way, I have a few questions/ideas, first, Could you post a link to try the game, (even though I get it’s not finished) second, if it’s going to be round based or something like that and the players could be waiting there for like 10 minutes, you should add something like some quests, like find this, or complete this parkour, because it can be pretty boring to wait 10 minutes without doing anything, and the players might even leave the experience, and for this:

I did too, but I’m getting better too :smiley:, keep up the good work :smiley:


Looks pretty decent im no builder myself so I dont really know what is good or not, I’m more interested in what the game is about

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I can’t do this yet unfortunately. The only thing 100% done so far is the menu functionality lol. I don’t even have a proper map yet. I will make a post on this category when I have the most basic stuff done (at least two maps, the complete version of the lobby, a full settings and shop menu, etc.)

Quests is definitely a cool idea! Especially with the harsh cash earning system shown below:

if ply.leaderstats.Level.Value ~= 0 then
	ply.leaderstats.Cash.Value += (cashReward --[[This equals 75]] + math.floor(cashReward * ply.leaderstats.Level.Value / 10) * ply.Multiplier.Value)
	ply.leaderstats.Level.CurrentExp.Value += (expReward --[[This equals 50]] + math.floor(cashReward * ply.leaderstats.Level.Value / 10) * ply.Multiplier.Value)
	ply.leaderstats.Cash.Value += (cashReward * ply.Multiplier.Value)
	ply.leaderstats.Level.CurrentExp.Value += (expReward * ply.Multiplier.Value)

It’s not the harshest, but quests would be a great way to keep someone entertained and to earn some extra cash!

The lobby still isn’t finished btw! I plan to add a small obstacle course or something to also get some extra cash.

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The basic idea of the game is a zombie survival game. Players can choose and purchase weapon packs that will be given in each round. Mobs will endlessly spawn until no one survives or time runs out. Maps will be randomly chosen (voting will be added later), and game modes, also randomly chosen (game modes and the voting for them will also be added later) are picked.

These are my current game mode ideas:

  • Standard: mobs endlessly spawn and attack players until the time runs out.

  • Wave: mobs spawn in waves. The game ends when everyone dies or all of the waves ended. Kinda like tower defense, but you are the towers. A boss will be deployed on the last wave and must be killed in order to win the round. Waves end once every mob is defeated.

  • Player Attack: 5 out of 10 players are selected to be mobs. Via the shop, you can purchase and select what mob type you want to be! (Excluding bosses from the wave game mode of course). Round ends when all the other five players are out.

  • Boss Rush: Similar to the wave game mode, but instead, bosses are deployed three at a time, going from weakest to strongest. Ends when all players are out or every boss wave is over.

  • Infection: 3 out of 10 players are selected to be specifically zombies (your mob choice is ignored if you start as an infected player). The only thing is, the infected players are hidden to the healthy players. The only way you’d be able to tell a player is infected is through subtle clues (a player’s arm is a zombie arm). Infected players must attack healthy players to infect them. The healthy player’s enemy choice is also ignored. They’ll become zombies and must infect other players. It will be similar to Infection mode in Piggy. Round ends when every player is infected or time runs out.

That’s the basic premise of the game and my ideas for game modes.

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Oh, and @Dede_4242, I would like your feedback on this as well! You have given me some of the greatest feedback on this category of the dev forum!!

That sounds all well and good but what do you think sets apart your game from say other games in the same genre?

The lobby design is fine, and the SFX is superb, but in my opinion, the high-poly PBR bush and tree textures don’t really fit with the default grass materials and the relatively low poly terrain surrounding the lobby.

I would either redesign the trees and bushed to be more ‘roblox style’ in a way, or reach some kind of middle ground.

Other than that, great!

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Nothing at the moment separates it too far from the rest, which is an issue I was concerned about. But then again, I only started working on this game not even two weeks ago. I definitely plan to try and separate it, but right now it may not be a possibility. I’ll do my best later on, though!

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Hm, interesting…

If I could give a suggestion, I think something that could differienate you from the rest is a certian mechanic that players HAVE to use to be able to play the game or well at least get far in the waves!

Like building/barricading could be one, but I’m sure you can think of others

Hmm. That’s a wonderful idea! I’ll definitely add that to my to-do list!
Thank you!

Yeah. Definitely going to go and change the low-poly hills soon before I finalize some things. I thought the realistic meshes and low-poly terrain would look nice, but only realized how bad it looks until I was nearly done lol.

Anyways, thank you!

Ok so, I myself am not a real fan of wave games or that kind of survival games (I like more the ones like subnautica or Minecraft) but I think I might give it a try, ok I like your ideas, but here’s some suggestions

So we are towers like in tower Defense? We can’t move or is it like a defend the ___ mode? I think for this one you could add some kind of “power ups” so for example you are faster or that kinda of things, and you find them around or buying them

I think you could do the power ups here too imbuto also for zombie players, it would be great!

Same as the wave one but I think it shouldn’t be called boss rush, more like a hardcore wave mode, sounds better (for me)

I think for this one you could add something like a range attack infection and melee one

I also have a few ideas for making it not like others of this kind, I really like games with a developed story, so you could add a story mode, and like there’s waves and after like a lot of levels where you uncover more things about the lore, then you cure everyone or something like that

I think the voting idea is good, but there’s a downside, for example, there’s a sever full of pro players and there’s a new player. The pro ones all vote for the boss wave mode, but the new wants the standard one they play all the boss one and the noob gets killed instant, after that the new player rage quits, I would make something that finds the average level of players in the game and then chides a few game modes good for that level and then they vote, even though after this there would be hard/easy modes missing most of the time, it’s a big problem (I think)

Thanks for asking me for feedback, I will always be here to help! You are one of the kindest persons I’ve encountered on the DevForum :face_holding_back_tears:

This wasn’t exactly my intent. The players will be able to move around and attack the enemies and bosses as if it was standard. I just said it was like tower defense because that was the first thing that came to mind lol

That’s a really cool idea! Didn’t think of power-ups at all. I’ll definitely try it out!

It’ll be the same as wave lol. But hardcore wave sounds way cooler than boss rush. Thanks again!

That sounds way cooler than anything I was gonna do with the mode lol. I’ll definitely add that!

I’m not the greatest at story writing, especially only being a high school freshman, but I will highly consider that. Sounds pretty neat!

Yeah. That’s an issue I expected (I’m the pro that does that in Arsenal). I plan to combat this issue by only allowing the super difficult game modes to appear in voting if more than 4 players that’s level 40+ (might make it higher. It is kinda easy to get to level 40)