Local weapon with AlignPosition not following properly

I have a gun in my game that is always visible to the player and follows the player’s camera movements. Recently I added a system that allows the gun to be more smooth and uses AlignPosition and AlignOrientation to ‘CFrame’ the gun’s position and direction.

(attempted to add video, didn’t work ‘couldn’t upload’)

However, I noticed that if you are to jump or move too quickly, the AlignPosition doesn’t work in the way I want it to, floating very slowly behind the player. I can’t just increase the responsiveness either because then the gun gets really jittery. The same happens if I enable Rigidity.

Is there any way for me to be able to make the gun have a sort of ‘maximum float’ area to stop how far it floats away? Or a way to be able to use RigidityEnabled without this jitteriness?

Note: I need to use AlignPosition/Orientation as oppose to CFrame because the gun has HingeConstraints and using CFrame causes them to glitch out and fling everywhere.

The settings are these: (The Attachment1 is set in a script)