Localisation Portal: malformed strings from Automatic Text Capture

  • Within the Localisation Portal, Automatic Text Capture currently generates malformed strings in certain, specific instances.
  • These instances of malformed strings take the form of words being cut in half mid-sentence, or with 1-2 letters missing from the ends of words.

Here is the game used in these following examples: 🌞SOLSTICE Dragon Adventures - Roblox



“Changes one of the dragons materials to Cracked Lava

“Easter’s Archiologist

“{Player1} has invited you to their party

“Gives a random mutation on the dragon. {number1}% for each mutation

“Red Mushroom

  • In these submitted examples, the first letters that are being cut off are “d”,“h”,“m”,“s”,&“K”.
  • Upon searching through all current strings captured by the system. These letters show up in the following intact strings, where they are followed by the {number1}, {number2} etc. format.

This is a TextLabel timer that appears in the experience, displaying the days, hours, minutes and seconds remaining.

This is a TextLabel counter for members of a guild in the experience, with the letter K at the end to represent “thousand”.

  • Its my best guess that through the usage of these individual letters at the ends of {number} formats, the Automatic Text Capture is removing these letters from the ends of words in other strings, causing a malformed string.
  • This may be an indication of the pattern recognition system within automatic text capture malfunctioning.

Drive World is experiencing similar issues.

Adding on with a different example:
We have a car named “Mori15” as well as our map name “Morikawa City, Japan”

ATC will capture the car as Mori{number1} and then attempt to apply this pattern to the map name string, cutting off the first part and resulting in kawa City string being found

We also utilize a countdown pattern similar to Dragon Adventures, and also have several similar examples living in our localization sheets.

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Thanks for the report! I filed a ticket in our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.

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hey there, thanks for your examples and report! We are actively working on improving the automatic text capture tool to improve your localization experience. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

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