Localization Portal | Indicator for inactive entries

I’ve been working on localizing a game for a couple of years. The game’s cloud localization table is a bit of a mess. Inside this table there are lots of look-a-like entries that differ by either a capital letter, punctuation, spelling mistake, or a rewording. As I update the game, there are entries that are no longer relevant due to UI reworks and seasonal changes as well. It is currently difficult to identify these entries that no longer exist in the game. And while I continue to expand the game’s localization efforts to new languages through commissions, these entries are costly. I am requesting a feature that would identify an entry as being inactive. Below is a simple visual of how this could look:

This would allow for quick clean up as opposed to what I currently do. I currently look through every entry checking inside the game to determine whether it was removed or not. This gets very tedious with the entries I described above. This feature would save time and money for developers who constantly update their cloud localization tables alongside their game updates.

Edit: Someone reached out with a solid point. They proposed using the feature below that will remove untranslated strings captured using ATC. Let me clarify that all the entries I’m working with are old and already translated. Because of this, this feature won’t remove them.