Localization Portal | Sort by Location

It’s currently difficult to find entries inside the localization portal that were scraped from the same in-game location. I find myself looking for these groups of entries often after running ATC. My process is simple: Run ATC, find the incorrectly captured strings, delete these entries, then commission translators to translate.

Consider the scenario below:

In this example pretend each “string[1-9]” entry represents a couple pages of entries. I’m looking to capture the string “join {player1}'s team?” However, ATC filled the portal with things I don’t want. It makes sense to track down these sub strings and to delete them since I don’t want to pay extra Robux to translate them.
Here are the current ways I can handle this:

  1. To find and delete the incorrect sub strings I can try to do a search. However, this is problematic since no single search will show me all sub strings. Consider “join”, “{player1}”, and “team”.
  2. Go through the entire list delete things that appear to be substrings. I currently do this. There are always some sub strings that slip through. Plus it ends up being a difficult memory game.

This is why I believe a sort by location would provide a more efficient way to clean up the sub string entries created by ATC. When ATC provides me with a bunch of entries having the same location, I typically only want one of them.



Before that happens tho, the auto scrapper would need to get fixed since it usually doesn’t pull locations of the strings from the game and just says that it was auto scrapped.