Lock replies in announcements to only regulars+

I know but staff also read those. It was mentioned a few times by staff themselves on the forum as well as Coefficients regularly responds to those threads.

So you think limiting to only regulars would solve the problem? Instead of halting, you would see more spam topics in #development-discussion . So basically the traffic just gets diverted.

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Yes because the spam will the same longer response re-worded 30 times over and by locking the repeat threads and leaving only one out versus sifting through a bunch “I like!” in the announcements that are meant for like farming.

You’ve said this

You said they blew their chance because most of them failed to abide by rules. From how you worded it in this context, it seems like they had a chance but blew it because most of them failed to abide by rules and now they wont ever get to be regular because they blew their chances.

You cant if you’re a member, you can only reply to them.

But what if another person made a feature request and I just want to be able to support it and give my use cases and my reasons why I would want it. Especially if it’s an old post, which is less likely to be seen.

Issue is you cant provide .rblxm files so they can properly diagnose your issue if you dont know how to reproduce it. And you wouldn’t know if this has already been known, so there could be people reporting the same exact thing filling everything up unnecessary emails of something that’s already known. And it’s probably just more quicker to have it all in one place and not separate ones and needing to filter through them. Unless we can become regulars then I might actually be in favor of this.

You sure? I’m a bit skeptical because for something called bug support I wouldn’t expect them to put feature requests as well.

I’m pretty sure it will become a duplicate thread and they will probably bump the topic to the original topic of the poster, look the main point of our issue is related to the locking of #updates:announcements and why Members already blew their chance when they were given a chance to post topics in #development-discussion, even before that, they’re already not making contributive posts in #updates:announcements which resulted in this. feature request

If you can’t send in specific files via Roblox support. You could find alternative solutions in reporting bug reports you could just go to @Bug_Support you’re seriously going in circles right now.

If you’re skeptical then maybe you should message a member of the Developer Engagement Team regarding about posting feature request via messaging @Bug-Support, it’s better to be more aware than doing it without any proper knowledge.

Lastly, I’ve explained this why #updates:announcements should be locked in the first place, however…

You failed to understand that I used #development-discussion as an encouraging example of why #updates:announcements should be locked in the first place.

If you failed to understand the fact that #development-discussion was opened it was meant as a chance for Members to prove themselves right, by posting in #development-discussion, turns out it went the other way, and the situation got worst, this is just an example, you don’t need to emphasize this too much, the more you should emphasize is the fact why we’re proposing of the closure for the abilities for Members to reply in #updates:announcements.

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This is overkill and is extreme measures

If there’s a bug, ideally people should be contacting @Bug-Support. I don’t think we should be limiting it to questions as well.

Absolutely agree, DET really needs to start Regular promotions again.

This is extreme, especially as new users are likely to get a lot of feedback DM’s. A punishment stays there forever, not just a few hours or a few days.


By your logic, it should be members-only (regulars should not be able to post) because the regulars that are repeat offenders set a bad example for everyone on the forum, as they’re a higher rank and some seek to imitate them. The fact that people can actually name several of the worst regular offenders, while the majority wouldn’t know a single member offender, shows the magnitude of the problem with like-farming regulars. Every time I see a member offender it seems to be a different person, showing that there are people learning from their mistakes, whereas the same can’t be said of a few regulars I have in mind. Again, locking something to regulars does not solve the problem when regulars are a big part of the problem.


Hmmm… maybe you’re right. I do indeed apologize for my failure to analyze that Regulars sometimes do indeed farm posts according to your statement…

I now thank you for your clarification and promise to change my views concerning about this situation.

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I disagree. #platform-feedback has been locked to Regulars+ and post-approval has been removed a while back for some dumb reason, why does #updates:announcements need to be locked to Regulars+ now?

EDIT: Whether you like it or not, this is overkill.

EDIT2: And honestly, this should apply to #development-discussion , not #updates:announcements.

I’m hopping in to give my opinions as this thread blew up.

This is locked (along with all of the bug sections/feedback) because members, primarily newer ones and sometimes veterans, create posts that have existed for a long time and/or already there which creates spam posts. For instance, with yesterday’s outage, I’d not be surprised if there are 100 duplicate posts because of one issue, which is hard on the engineers.

There was a reason: it’s too overwhelming. It was so hard to take care of 1000s of posts that need to approve. Also remember, there were only 20-30 people in post-approval, and are currently 50k+ users on this forum. That PA to users ratio is about 1:2500 and probably even larger.

It’s sad to see people - especially with a higher trust level - take advantage of the liking system and want farmed likes. But remember, that’s only several while there are a ton of other regulars who participate rule-abidingly. DET can crack down on those users a lot easier than with 45k+ members.

Nope, if you have something to contribute, you will go beyond this minimum. This should only be in announcements, nowhere else.

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So a short but important question doesn’t contribute to anything? Either way, I don’t see how this will help. If anything, more posts will start using bypasses, cluttering threads, and I don’t feel like looking at posts like this:

Awesome! 200 charrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs


No one has been able to become a regular in ages due to roblox stopping the automatic promotion from member to regular, so unless roblox changes that I think this is a bad idea.

I was thinking about your statement and this proved to be a little bit far off. You see, there are Regulars that are repeat offenders, however, they shouldn’t be used as an “example” for everyone on the Developer Forum, sure, there maybe those types of Regulars, however, users who are in the status of “Regular”, are only a small amount compared to the “Members” breaking the rules again and again.

First of all, if I’m aware most Regulars make contributive posts throughout threads, I’m not saying there’s no like farmers, it’s still normal considering the fact that even as Regulars some are still tempted to become “popular” or something similar to that due to people liking their replies or threads. However, when people like their threads, most Regulars I’ve seen replying with so many likes are normally contributive, compared to some Members, they’re replying even off-topic replies and ended up getting spammed liked by so many people.

Are you sure about that? I can name a dozens of Members, compared to Regulars breaking the rules again and again. Take #development-discussion for example, I’ve seen this user rant in a “close down #development-discussion” topic to close it down for Members, however, they, themselves contribute in ruining #development-discussion, and it does not change the fact that they “learn their lesson”, most Members even see the Developer Forum as a public forum, and not as a Developer Forum, so clearly most are not really learning from their mistakes, despite how many times they were given feedback or warning for their posts.

Please consider this, #development-discussion has already been a fiasco ever since they opened it up to Members and a majority of Regulars are mature enough or responsible enough to be entrsuted in creating topics in #development-discussion due to the fact most follow the rules, if you see a Regular farming posts, then also remember,

I’m not saying all Regulars are perfect, however, there is a larger majority of Regulars that are responsible enough to follow the rules, compared to Regulars who’s in a very small amount and easily can be tracked down, if they broke the rules. Also, compared to Members, who’s incredibly in a larger amount has a larger number of repeat offenders compared to Regulars.

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It’s still the users opinion if they want to elaborate or not, they are just expressing their opinion.

It’s still wrong and should not be tolerated in either way. They should only be able to post there, that would contribute to the thread, e.g. feedback, they could just press the “like” button if they really liked it, if they don’t they’re willing to post and express what’s in their perspective instead of clogging it with…

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Should they be used as an example to follow? No. Are they being used that way? Absolutely. I’m not saying Regulars should be examples of how to act on the forum, but the situation is frankly that people are more likely to respect and expect regulars to follow the rules.

My point was that it is not individual Members breaking the rules again and again in #updates:announcements. There are five Members trolling in #development-discussion repeatedly that I could name off the top of my head, but in #updates:announcements the rule breakers I (and other users on this topic) can mention tend to be Regulars. Due to the sheer number of Members compared to Regulars, there are often Members that are non-contributive, but the repeat offender Regulars both get more likes, give worse replies more frequently, and are experienced enough with the forum to know how to ideally “game” the maximum number of likes. These Regulars are seen by new Members who aren’t super knowledgeable on exactly what is and isn’t allowed and, seeing they aren’t being properly punished, those Members will think it’s okay to post replies like that until they receive feedback saying otherwise. Those Regulars setting poor examples are the real issue here; get rid of their replies and the similar ones by Members will fade out on their own.

This topic is focused on announcements, not development discussion. Regulars tend to be better at staying on topic when making topics in development discussion and Members tend to be more contributive in announcements. Someone who breaks the rules repeatedly won’t necessarily try to break every single rule. If that was the case, there’d be a ton more gore/NSFW on the forum.

Yeah, but:

These Regulars are seen by new Members who aren’t super knowledgeable on exactly what is and isn’t allowed and, seeing they aren’t being properly punished, those Members will think it’s okay to post replies like that until they receive feedback saying otherwise. Those Regulars setting poor examples are the real issue here; get rid of their replies and the similar ones by Members will fade out on their own.

Also consider that Members provide a ton of valuable feedback compared to the relatively small number of Regulars. This is just a given when you look at the numbers; more people is more feedback, and there are more Members than Regulars. Cutting off that feedback entirely would be overall a poor move by Roblox since their announcements would get maybe twenty replies each and lots of bugs with betas would go unnoticed by staff.

And the same holds true for Members. Rule-breakers are very much in the minority. It’s just that the Regulars are clearly not learning from their mistakes, repeatedly and maliciously stat-farming, while the Members messing up seem to be new users who learn relatively quickly.

I could not tell you a single repeat offender who’s a Member. I can tell you several Regulars, as can several others on this topic. Members messing up is inevitable as the majority of users are Members. The question is just whether getting rid of Members gets rid of the problem, which it clearly doesn’t if there are repeat offender Regulars. That might even encourage them, considering all their posts will get more visibility. I think it’s a far worse issue that there are Regulars fully aware they are breaking the rules and are continuing to doing so, even to the point of losing friends, than that a couple Members need a feedback message or two to get clarification on the rules after being shown poor examples by Regulars.


Actually I now agree why it’s a horrible idea to close #updates and #updates:announcements in the first place as this would cut out, feedback from most of the community, compared to a small amount of Regulars.

Actually, there is a slight 50/50 here, there are Members not even learning to stop trashing #development-discussion and that is an example we could find, and there are also Members who tend to also farm posts, even if they’re warned again and again. If they don’t tend to follow the rules as stated in my example with #development-discussion, it’s still just the same as Regulars who are repeat offenders, who don’t bother to follow the rules.

Actually, now I completely see your views, without any doubts, the fact, that some Regulars tend to influence newer Members by post farming or violations, etc. would not help our case by closing it down completely for Members, however, ever since #development-discussion has been opened up for Members, I noticed that the forum’s moderation has been going down up to the point that even in other categories, they don’t bother to remove the posts in threads that should be considered non-contributive which is also the result why this feature was brought up in the first place. Until they could find a proper solution in finding a way, to remove non-contributive posts, this would always be an issue in #updates or #updates:announcements.


“I like this update!”, “Great update!”, and “Something we’ve all been waiting for!” all more or less mean the same thing, and “I dislike this idea”, if followed up with criticism (which it usually is, from what I’ve seen) is perfectly appropriate.

Hey folks, closing out this feature request since we will not be actioning on it.

It’s important to us that people are able to voice their concerns with updates and other kinds of announcements.

Acknowledged on the feedback w.r.t. noise and getting a better overview of a thread at a glance. We’ll figure out how to better accomplish improvements here without limiting accessibility of the categories.