Locked property for Models

If I want to lock all BaseParts inside a Model, I have to select all the BaseParts then change the Locked property to true.

This would be fine if the model didn’t have any models or folders as children, but for me I commonly do. This means that I need to open all the models and folders, then select everything which can get time consuming if the model is a map in my game which often has a lot of folders.

My feature request is that Models should have a Locked property which when set to true will lock all the children of the Model that is a BasePart and will unlock the BaseParts if the Locked property is set to false.

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The way you suggested would basically cause the Locked property on individual parts obsolete. This would be quite inconvenient as you would have to group locked/unlocked parts separately.

If you want something like this, just put all models you want locked into a folder in Workspace, then make a Script that locks all descendant parts and then parents the models back into Workspace. (or just keep them in the folder)

EDIT: Roblox also has a “Lock” tool in the ribbon bar to lock an entire model already. This should solve your problem.