Locking servers


Can we "lock" servers so that nobody can join until it is unlocked?


I'm sure you could make a script that does this. Auto-kicks any new players when locked, doesn't when unlocked.
Sounds like a good idea I should make one >.>


Auto-kicking players might deter them from my game. Also, that might get annoying when many servers are locked. I'd like the "Play" button to skip over locked servers just as it does full servers.


yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I don't think that worked out so well for my ROBLOX HQ....


I was going to suggest this long time ago. This would be great, locking the server while they are playing the round. People won't have to wait until the round is over anymore. :>


I suggested something before that would be more applicable: a server join priority. Servers that have a round currently running would have their priority set to very low, whereas almost empty ones no currently playing would be set to very high.


Consider et

My goal is to teleport a few people from a server to a new instance of a place and then teleport them back to the "lobby" server. I dont want people to fill up the lobby while the other players are gone since that would cause a mess when they teleport back

Unlocking MaxPlayers would also solve this


Consider a round-based game that locks itself when the round is in progress, so new players will always join during intermission and get in the game almost immediately.

This is a great idea.


I support, especially with Prehistoricman's suggestion of not just "on" and "off", but with varying levels of "needs players", "can use players", "has enough players", "can't use players",


I want to bring this up again because I think a lot can be done with it.


This or that server priority thing.