Log History: Obby - Pre-Alpha

Log History for " Obby:exclamation:" - Pre-Alpha


"Obby:exclamation:", which is also referred to in the scripts and files as “Obbyy”, is a game with the goal of being your typical “Mega Fun Obby”, but with an awesome twist!

Things like collecting coins, a unique rebirth system, shops that give you unique perks, and a clean, polished game overall^ makes Obby :exclamation: stand out from the rest of the typical “Mega Fun Obby” type games!

Here is a link to the game if you would like to try it out:


This Log History is for Obbyy’s Pre Alpha stage, which has already passed and has been turned into Alpha or any stages after Alpha. This log is no-longer in use for logging and is here to keep the main log tidy.

All logs on this post are from Pre-Alpha and Pre-Alpha only!


Introductory / Feedback:

Main Changelog:

~ LOG ~

  • Added reliable save system for stats
  • Added rebirths, stage, and coins to leaderstats
  • Added checkpoint system
  • Added ability to spawn on each checkpoint after dying
  • Added color changes when checkpoints are touched
  • Added backend code

  • Fixed bug where checkpoints didn’t change colors
  • Updated backend code
  • Added sound and better visuals to checkpoints
  • Improved number system; automatic
  • Added many stages
  • Added textures to parts
  • Added backend objects for convenience
  • Added parts scattered in various areas hinting at a new future coin update
  • Other minor fixes

  • Added coin sytem for when player completes a stage
  • Added more backend code
  • Added temporary “reset stages” button for debugging / testing
  • Wrote backend code for rebirths
  • Added death messages
  • Added more obby stages
  • Made previous obby stages easier to complete since the beginning was difficult

  • Added rebirths for every 30 stages depending on rebirth progress, as well as when finished
  • Added more stages
  • Major bug fixes

  • Fixed ongoing bugs with rebirth system
  • Tweaked some obbies to make them easier
  • Added final obbies for stages 54 - 61

  • Fixed newly surfaced bug where rebirths can be double clicked for two rebirths in return after reset
  • Tweaked some obbies
  • Introduced a new coin system to go along with the current one: physical coins that you have to collect then reset your character for various reasons
  • Fixed any bugs that came across the creation of the new coins
  • Changed death messages to yellow
  • Placed some of the new coins where there was scattered parts from V0.0.1 A to the present update
  • Major fixes / bug fixes

  • Fixed major bug with rebirths again: it added + 1 rebirth + amount of your rebirths, etc.
  • Added lobby (low poly) terrain
  • Backend tweaks
  • Fixed bug where coins don’t animate properly when touched
  • Fixed bug where coins can be collected more than once after being touched and transparent
  • Other minor fixes / bug fixes

  • Fixed bug with rebirth that duplicates the reward and rebirth if Roblox’s “RemoteEvent” function runs twice / clones due to client or server lag
  • Tweaked coin ambient sounds - no longer will you miss them :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Added arrows at each checkpoint to assist the player’s knowledge of direction
  • Other minor fixes / bug fixes

  • Added sounds when player is ready for rebirth and when the player rebirths
  • Changed certain parts’ collisions so player doesn’t land on them
  • Added “Cosmetic Shop” building; the decoration for the future cosmetic shop
  • Added circular path and garden borders to center of spawn
  • Minor backend changes

  • Added “Potion Shop” building decoration; for new potion shop later; referred to as “Purple Potions Shoppe” on the sign :slight_smile:
  • Added purple bubble effect coming out of potion shop’s chimney
  • Added Cosmetic Shop’s UI base
  • Added more terrain at spawn: trees, tulips for center garden
  • Backend fixes
  • Bug fixes

  • Added a more dense forest in spawn area
  • Added invisible barriers on finished side of the spawn area
  • Added “Quest” sign on second floor of the potion shop
  • Added some fences in spawn area
  • Added sun ray effect
  • Added accessories to the accessory page; players can now see some accessories
  • Added ability to buy accessories
  • Added large save file for the player’s whole inventory; including but not limited to accessories, effects, tags, trails, and potions
  • Added “Are you sure” prompt GUI for when buying an item
  • Optimized accessory backend code to make adding accessories in future updates very easy
  • Added temporary teleport button, may change later; teleports you to shops or obby
  • MAJOR backend changes
  • MAJOR core changes
  • Bug fixes
  • Other fixes


Second part of the gigantic update is being rolled out!

  • Added effects to the effects tab in “Cosmetic Shop”
  • Made effects buyable; you can buy them and you’ll own them forever
  • Cosmetic shop major backend changes to prepare for tags tab
  • Inventory backend changes to prep for tags, trails, and potions
  • Added backend code for default tags
  • Added 2 tags to tags tab; current ones were for testing purposes
  • Added default, permanent stage / rebirth tag
  • Added default “Obbyist” tag
  • Removed player’s collision with other players
  • Added trails to trails tab
  • Added backend code for trails
  • Added stages up to stage 75
  • Added another layer of invisible kill bricks for 3rd floor / section
  • Organized backend items
  • UI fixes
  • Fixes / bug fixes

  • Added inventory
  • Added button to access inventory
  • Improved brightness of cosmetic shop
  • Added individual page colors for cosmetic shop; originally every page (accessories, trails, etc.) was the same color, so I matched them with their respected button color
  • Backend tweaks
  • UI technical fixes
  • MAJOR fixes / bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where certain items bought in the same session don’t work depending on client’s connection speed
  • Finished up terrain for spawn area
  • Tweaked borders in previously finished areas
  • Added new borders to newly finished area
  • Added gear and pet shop buildings
  • Added pet shop signs
  • Added final fences
  • Added arrows at spawn to guide the player to the first checkpoint
  • Tweaked decoration in previously finished areas
  • Fixes / bug fixes


This update was in two parts of the day.

  • Added a pet shop UI
  • Added prompt to pet shop’s building
  • Added pet inventory
  • Added pet inventory button
  • Added pets to the pet shop
  • Fixed bug where pets don’t re-equip after player death
  • Other fixes / bug fixes

  • Added a gear shop
  • Added prompt at gear shop’s building
  • Added gear shop’s sign; referred to as “Gears O’ Plenty Gear Shop”
  • Added gear inventory
  • Added gear in shop
  • Added gear inventory button
  • Minor fixes / bug fixes

  • Added backend things for potion shop
  • Improved lighting / color correction
  • Minor fixes / bug fixes

  • Added potion shop UI
  • Added potions; these are final and will not be updated during alpha and beta unless plans change
  • Added system that allows potions to disappear upon player death, as well as a system that only lets you buy one of each type
  • Minor fixes / bug fixes

  • Added backend code for settings
  • created save table for settings (inside a previous save key)
  • Added temporary “Donate” button for alpha to keep me motivated; will change as I get to the UI polishing, then eventually removed for donation tab in a shop
  • Added settings button
  • Added settings in settings page
    • Added “music” setting
    • Added “ambient sounds” setting
    • Added “ambient coin sounds” setting
    • Added “Shadows” setting; for players with low-end devices
    • Added “Textures” setting; for players with low-end devices, this one is important for later game development as more stages are being made
  • Minor fixes / bug fixes

* Version is archived and may not be 100% accurate, as before making this log, the version has not been recorded and info about it has not been stored

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