[LOGO SUPPORT] What software should I use?

Hi Robloxians!

I am thinking of starting to design logos for my games instead of paying for them, since it is expensive for a nice text logo. I want the artists out there to give me tips on what software to use (NOTE: If it isn’t a free software, please tell me in the comment. Also tell me if it a online software like photopea.))

Here is an example of what logos I’d like to create:


By @se1inuh (I got this from a DevForum post and gave him/her credit, so I’m ok right?)
Image By se1inuh!

Thanks for your help!



paint.net lots of tutorials on how to do good game icons plenty of plugins,
like a text shadow one.

Gravit Design free haven’t heard alot about it lately but ik its good

and thats all I guess,


they are both free

lots of people are saying I’m tryna scam this guy I swear it was a honest mistake.

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Ok, thanks! I will look into those!

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Do you know any free softwares where I can make striped backgrounds?

Photoshop and Illustrator are both paid apps that are really good for any logo design, but If you’re only going to make 1 logo, you might as well just get someone to do it for you bc it’s cheaper than buying PS and illustrator

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Panzoid is free and it’s really easy to make striped backgrounds on there. You can also make 3D intros and things like that too. Pretty good software. It’s free and online.

Inkscape is a free vector art program which I often use to make logos. You can make striped backgrounds and text.

Using this software I was able to make this:

(Text is striped)


For your information, the actual link is getpaint.net, not paint.net It’s called paint.net but that isn’t the actual link that @XX_XXFRIED had given you. (I do highly recommend it though, it’s a very good program.)

Thank you everyone! I will look into all the softwares you suggested.

How would I make striped text in Panzoid? I’m in the Backgrounder and I’m confused by the UI.

Hi! I would definitely recommend Photoshop, Illustrator, or Clip Studio Paint (Although it’s a drawing program, it offers tons of tools to create unique UIs/Logos). All of these programs are programs you’d have to pay for, but investing in one of them would be totally worth it. I’m also pretty sure you can find deal packs on Adobe’s page so you don’t have to pay 40 - 60 USD a month!

For example, I have the Photography Plan which allows me to pay $10 USD a month to have multiple Adobe programs. Look into it!!

Ok, thanks for your help! I’m trying not to spend money on programs (otherwise I should just buy from people) but I’ll look into it.

To add on, this is what I have so far in Panzoid…

paint.net is an extremely simplistic and basic photo editing software with little functionality for actual productive work like logos. Can you actually support it is a good program for someone wanting to create nice logos? Perhaps, some examples made from it?

Most of the time, you’d probably even have to install plugins with it too. I would say paint.net is intended to be for simple editing rather than creative creation.

Hey! I used Photoshop to create the logo, however, Photopea should work fine.

I’m not experienced with making 3D text and striped background/text in Photopea, could you help?

I’ve personally never used Photopea myself, so I don’t think I’m the best person to ask.

Oh, ok, do you know anyone? I really need help.

Try pixlr.com, it is online and free! I use it and it works really well! I recommend Pixlr E if you are familiar with Photoshop and other softwares, X for beginners.


I actually use Gimp to do all my art. Which is Thumbnails, Products, Gamepasses, Logo, shirt, pants, t-shirt.