Long Usernames Extend Boundaries


A while ago, a bug existed where people could exploit in usernames longer than 20 characters. These usernames will go past to intended boundaries on the website. This could likely be fixed by making the username scale to the space.




This is the webiste counterpart to this post about long usernames extending past intended boundaries in game.

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I doubt that someone with the ability to do this is, is actually gonna do just that.

Just think about it. Firstly you need to find all those accounts with more than 20 characters. Then rescale every individual name so it fits nicely in the boundaries of the website.

It’s enormous work which only fruits a nicer profile display for certain users.

but if an user with a very long name really wants to have a nicer profile display, I guess some kind of a new system can be implemented where the user can E-mail ROBLOX directly after certain requirements are met.

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or it could be easily fixed by adjusting a css attribute or two…