Looking for a builder partner (Closed)

Recruiting a partner

About Me

Hi there! I am Seoarro, an upcoming game developer.

The Duo
@Seoarro - Scripter
@Username - Builder

About The Job

I am looking for a partner I can make games with, this is a long-term agreement of us being friends and working together.


When we make games we will split the earnings 50 / 50.

Contact Me

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or put your Discord.
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :smile:


Add me in discord

I have sent a friend request to you.

Add me in discord, AtomicNuke#0677

I have sent a friend request to you.

Could you tell me what is your discord tag? so that way it would be easier to find you

My profile picture is chicken nuggets.

can i help ya! im Eve#1347 in discord

I have sent a friend request to you.

So there’s no guarantee of success or a safety net should your game (likely) fail.

I don’t think builders would consider working for you if you don’t have any secondary option of payment as you haven’t even accumulated funds or capital for promotion which further diminishes your chance of success.

If you’d reconsider your payment option it would make it far easier for you to get dedicated skilled builders.

I’m not looking for someone to hire, I’m looking for a partner, a friend. Someone who can help me make games and it will be our game. I’m not looking for someone to work with long-term as a partner, and we will be a “Dynamic Duo” in making games.

You said you were hiring a builder?

You aren’t very clear and I was merely stating a barrier which you could face as you have no reliable source or income if you fail to make any money.

I am just looking for a friend that can build well basically someone that can help me out with games, when we make games it will be our game. We will split payment 50 / 50.

There isn’t any guarantee of success and stated that in my first reply it you even bothered to read it.

Add me if still opened: Piechos#1370 :slight_smile:

Very interested in the collabration Anthonч ∞#0001

Hey, here is my Discord please add me, Aensvey#2799.

im already making high quality simulator , its fully done on building side and half done on scripting side.
If you rlly advanced and you can work on high quality games , add me - HelixKrober#0347

I have sent a friend request to everyone above. @Piechos, @2OOkq, @Aensvey, and @KRABPLYT. If you guys have trouble finding me my profile picture is chicken nuggets.

Sometimes it isn’t about success bro, it’s about enjoying what you make.

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