Looking for a Designer

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Hello i’m Tegridee. i want to open a ‘clothing brand’ of sorts and i’m looking for a skilled designer that wants to make decent money.
I previously took ownership of two smaller clothing groups and would like to find some skilled friendly designers .

The group is called Prophecy〤 and it’s style can range from Business ,Casual,Grunge,hip hop,ethnic and ect. the idea is to hit the ‘trendy’ spots to reach maximal profit.

i’m looking for a long term / permanent designer.

To be discussed once I am contacted. tell me how much you expect per piece or per line of clothing.

I will also show proof of payment i prefer to pay through group funds

Extra info
i’d prefer designers who love what they do
my timezone is GMT+1
i am a good ‘trend chaser’ this has helped my smaller groups make as much as they did.


or on this devforum.

Thank you for reading i hope you have a good day/night.

p.s if i made any mistakes or need to clarify something please tell me thanks again


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