Looking for a small team of developers to make a game

Hello everyone! I am looking for a small team of developers to collaborate with me on designing a game that I think has a great potential for targeting Roblox players. These developers need to have experience and skill in some aspect (building, scripting, modeling, etc.)

About Myself

I’m a college student currently studying graphic design, I’ve made some decent projects within this time and am still looking for improvement. I’ve also developed a few games by myself over the past year. Two of these games particularly in my opinion have been somewhat successful, which I have linked both down below. I’ve started a group called “Photon Studios” and will add all people who take part in each of the needed roles to my group.

  1. Ramp Madness: [ Test - Roblox]
  2. Neon Minigames: [ Minigame Madness (BROKEN) - Roblox]

About the job

There are 5 roles that I need covered for this game which is called “Car Madness”. A fight-to-the-death battle arena car game.

Car Developer (ROLE COVERED):

I need a person to design the mini carts and has the knowledge to develop the scripts so that it can move, turn, jump, etc. Below are a few aspects for the car of what it should look like. Once that’s completed I want at least 2 skins designed for the car as this game will have a shop that allows you to customise your car skin. I will discuss this topic later on. This person will earn 25% of the games profit.

Powerup Developer (ROLE COVERED):

I need an experienced scripter than can develop code so that all power ups are collectible in the arena each round and can be used with a specific command which then does an animation when activated. Co Operation is required between the Powerup Developer and the Car Developer. I have a few examples with my previous game and below are the powerups players will use. This person will earn 15% of the games profit.

Shop Developer (ROLE COVERED):

I need an experienced scripter to develop code for the game shop that can be used to buy special perks, skins, game passes and developer products. They also need to script the currency and all purchased items so it saves when players leave the game and rejoin. This person does not need to be an excellent UI designer, I will help cover that part. This person will earn 20% of the games profit.


I need a person to design the terrain and environment of each map chosen for each round. They will also be building the decorations for the lobby and build the entire lobby itself. This person will earn 10% of the games profit.

What will I contribute?

I seek to guide the developers through their chosen role on what their goals should be and what they should change/edit now and then. I will also help add minor things to some parts of the game as well as responding to the players/game testers for what bugs need to be fixed and listen to some future update ideas. Basically I’ll be covering some of the minor roles (thumbnail designer, manager, planner and perhaps the jack of all trades assistant). Here’s an example of my work:


I’ll be paying with robux through a percentage of the games profit each Friday as soon as the game starts earning revenue and robux is generated through group funds. This of course requires joining my Roblox group.

Other Requirements

All members should spend around an hour a day working on the game (preferably as long as possible) and have a good knowledge of game development to take part in one of these roles. I also wouldn’t mind looking at some previous projects you’ve worked on in the past.

Other things to be mentioned

If interested, I will receive responses as soon as possible

Add me on discord then I’ll add you to the discord group depending on how experienced you are: Robot Smith#5659


The game scripter role is way too underpaid. It should be more around ~20%.


How do we know if your game will do good as your other 2 games only has little visits.

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This is purely speculation however there’s a few flaws within the previous game designs referenced above:

Ramp madness:
  • There’s currently no saving system implemented which is a huge turn off to consumers.
  • The game itself lacks any skill or progression for the player, unlocking a new ramp doesn’t feel as rewarding to the consumer as each level is repetitive with little to no change.
  • The monetization had been poorly planned out, micro currency from what I had seen in game has little to no value rendering the V.i.p perks useless and the “key owner”’s description is far too vague for the average consumer.

Are you asking for the UV map to be made or to have a previous UV map modified?

2+ programmers for simplistic tasks feels rather unnecessary, I understand you’re under a tight budget however this team you’ve envisioned would be more troublesome than helpful. You would be better off having 1 programmer assigned to the team.

With all due respect, your present graphic’s feel rather rushed. They’re not necessarily eye catching in detail or even resembles a theme, just seems random and out of place.

50% is how much a programmer charges on average.

If you need my help I’m a builder, can I help you if you want


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