Looking for a Team of people who want to make a [Story Game]

Basically if you know the Story Game Hotel you know what I am getting at.

If you would like to join the team is just a little fun experiment to see what some forum members can all do together and see if we can make a game. I will see if we can make gamepasses for the game so we can all earn money :moneybag: from this free to do experiment.

Reply (Count me in) if you would like to take part in this experiment, who knows you might make some profit from it.

Contact me on discord New Year New Me#5697


Does the experiment requires skills in developing the game?

If no,

Count me in

My imagination is a very big place (especially at funny and sometimes dark things) so i hope that will help you.

Discord : N3ÜRØ#8364


Please use the template. What % are each role getting? What types of developers are you hiring? Is there a backup payment Incase the game fails?


Yes, we would need some ideas for what happens in the story like family trip or boat trip.

See if you can come up with an exciting story plot with a twist.


We list these things on discord since it will be much easier looking at round 3 builders and 5 scripters 1 idea boy/girl 1 manager.


Before we start. What type of story do you want?
Drama, Horror, Adventure, Funny? So i know around what i have to write about.


See if you can go for a mix and in the story there will be funny moments scary moments and drama.

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Alright mate, i will come back as soon as i finish our story.


Count me in!

Discord: ItzSam#2680


What’s the payment? USD? ROBUX? Is is %? How much? Is there backup payments? Please use the template.


Well like I say at the start of the topic we can make gamepasses and donation boards to earn robux.

This is like I say a little fun project to see what we can do and earn so roblox while we do.

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What the heck, why not?

Disc: ADLHoratioNelson#5748

P.S. Yes, you should follow the template when making recruitment requests.


I have wanted to do something with a group and I am good with original ideas and getting the game started.

Disc: oofpatrol#7196


What’s you discord since it says your user is wrong.

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It should work. Forget it people kept on saying my discord wouldn’t work. I’ll change my username… Try Quick#8079

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It says you account does not accept friend requests you will need to send me one New Year New Me#5697

I’m a builder, count me in. 30chars

What is your discord bob so I can add you.


Wrong Discord user. @BOBtheNOOB5678